Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan falls in an open drain

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Janta waiting for the rains/monsoon. Janta says I m worried for rains, as rains are fun, it will get good things, weather would get cool. The man tells the bad effects of rains. Janta says rain is very much necessary, people will yearn for water. Rajneeti reads the news. Imli asks party man to get chillis. Puttan comes home in drenched state. Khoji says rain started, we got the latest news, the rain is retreating, monsoon will leave from the state, there will be drought. Rajneeti asks is this reporter mad.

Malai comes home and says I got drenched in rain. Imli asks how, rain has retreated, why is the reporter giving wrong info. Puttan says yes, weather reports are also given by govt. Chaitu scolds the man for informing about the rains. He says this is the

year of elections, we have to deal with rains. The man says the roads are filled with water. Jha says you should have prepared for the monsoon. Chaitu asks Pachouri to do a favor and shut up Jha, come up with a plan. Puttan says I started finding the plan when you chose me as chairman, I have spent 10 crores and sealed the gutters. Jha says its a scam, the lids are stolen. Puttan says I can give accounts, I have got all the gutters and lakes cleaned. Malai says I have seen it. Puttan says this times, people will remember the rains. Reporter Khoji tells about the dogs dying by sinking in the waters. He interviews the weather forecast experts.

Pachouri says monsoon is unpredictable. Khoji says Pachouri is little bit shameless, the matter regarding rains is in much talks. Janta bets that rains will commence. They see an open drain. Janta says its raining. Janta and everyone dance in the rain. Pani re pani….plays….. Chaitu, Imli and everyone also dance in the rain. Many people complain about the drain problems. The officers joke knowing some people fell in the gutter/drain. Jha comes to Chaitu and says I m not having fun, people are facing many problems, people are asking what is govt doing. Chaitu says we can’t help, its a natural disaster, its because of global warming, people are at fault. Jha says the rains will get heavy in few days. Chaitu asks him to give advice. Imli calls him and asks him to come food, she is making snacks. He asks for song. She sings. He says I will just come.

Puttan comes and asks for snacks. They all tell him that Chaitu wants to have pumpkin snacks. Puttan says I will get the pumpkin, be ready with the flour mix and hot oil. They ask him to be careful of the open drains. He asks them not to worry, he knows all the gutters map. Chaitu comes home and asks for pumpkin snacks. They say Puttan has gone to get the pumpkin. Chaitu says what, you should have keep some pumpkins at home, when will Puttan come. Puttan applies brakes and fails in the open drain. Boondi cries for him.

Boondi says Puttan has fallen in gutter. They get shocked. Chaitu asks the men to find Puttan at any cost.

Update Credit to: Amena

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