Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 12th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu plans foreign trip

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 12th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaitu asking Imli why is she annoyed. She asks how long are we married. He counts his children and says around 30 years, I remember everything. She says I want to go foreign. He asks her to go kitchen and cook. She says you never took me out, every minister takes family abroad. They all request him to take them. He worries. Jha asks him what’s the matter. Chaitu asks him to get tea or get transfer. Jha goes to get tea. Monica asks why is he worried. Chaitu says home minister is threatening to go Maayka. She asks what. He says Imli Devi is threatening, she wants to go abroad.

Jha gets tea. He says Imli is right, wife should get a vacation. She says you should take her out. Jha says we will also take a tour. Chaitu sees the family news on tv and says its

a fast channel. Malai comes home. She asks Imli will they go leaving her. Imli says we all will go together, Puttan will also accompany. Puttan says Malai’s husband was trapped in murder case, I took him foreign. Imli says you take us abroad, we don’t know places. They think of places. Puttan sends the men out. Chaitu checks the long list made by the family. He asks what’s this list. Imli says its just family. Puttan says its just close family, we will go together. Malai sings a song. Chaitu asks Jha to roll the list and arrange tickets. Puttan asks why did you call me urgently. Chaitu shows the budget of their trip. Puttan says its much. Monica says CM and family will travel in business class and stay in seven star hotels. Chaitu says I need to pay this from my pocket.

Puttan asks would any CM take family by his expenses, govt will bear expenses if you go for govt. Work. Khoji comes to take interview. He asks Chaitu to spare two mins. Chaitu says I m going to solve some problems of the nation, we are going abroad to improve our relations. Khoji asks what will your family do there. Chaitu says my family will improve relations with their family. Khoji gets wife’s call and hangs up. Chaitu says your 2mins are over. Jha says you can’t meet CM there, why are you going. Puttan says he is going to improve relations, we are in good terms with many countries. Puttan says there must be some country with which we need peace. Jha says yes, Pakistan, you can go there, english won’t be a problem there. Chaitu asks will you send me there, don’t you know your job, go. Jha goes to get tea. Chaitu says I think he cheated and passed. Monica says its home minister’s call.

Chaitu talks to Imli. She asks where are we going, decide fast else we will go to Maayka. Chaitu asks Puttan to think fast. They come home. Puttan says I have an idea, Chaitu is sick. Chaitu says yes, I feel ill. Puttan says we will go to doctor, you will go America for treatment. Chaitu says its a nice idea. Puttan says we will come along for your care. Jha says what will people say if you go there for treatment, you can go abroad to learn something. Monica says Jha is right. Chaitu asks what. Jha says learn education strategy. Monica says you can learn new methods for farming. Jha says you can learn something thats our biggest problem. Chaitu comes home. Imli gives the idea of family planning. Chaitu disapproves. She says people make fun of us always. He says look at me, stop being shy, I understood, our family needs to learn family planning abroad. They smile.

Chaitu asks what’s all these bags. They see the breaking news. Many relatives come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i dont think anybody watches this show ? no comments at all ??? why did they end chakravyuh then ? it was better and unique than this show and for chakravyuh they had an incomplete ending also .wish they completed it properly

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