Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: UFO lands in Ulta Pradesh

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Genda saying I m worried for the innocent kids, what will they do if they aren’t healthy, milk is necessary for them. Uncle says Chaitu has told wrong about milk, it won’t increase sugar level. Genda says he decided this to fill his pockets. Khoji asks any special message for him. She says yes, I m with the public, I will expose Chaitu’s true face. The people protest against the ban on milk. Khoji says tell the public about the protest. Janta and all the men protest. The man says people who drink milk are healthy, why did govt increase tax on milk. Imli says you didn’t do this right. Chaitu says don’t come in Genda’s words.

The men throw milk on the ground. Puttan gets Dhakad’s spirit in him. He says Chaitu does what he likes, he is responsible

for state’s health. Chaitu says you didn’t tell me anything when I increased the task. Jha says I told you people will get upset when they get troubled. Puttan says yes, they won’t forgive you. Janta says we will not give votes to Chaitu now. Chaitu says we had to increase tax on something. Puttan asks why didn’t you put tax on wine. Imli takes the idea. Chaitu says that will be our loss. Puttan says what if your party breaks down. Everyone explains Chaitu.

Chaitu says fine, I will increase tax on wine. Dhakad leaves Puttan. Puttan asks what will you do. Chaitu says what you said. Puttan says I didn’t say anything. Chaitu and Puttan joke on Chironji. They say we are thinking to increase tax on wine, so that people think govt is supporting them. Whisky asks what if I don’t agree. Puttan says right, then get out. Chironji says I agree. Puttan says you can have money as much as you want. Whisky says fine, then increase the tax. Khoji takes interview of public. The man thanks Chaitu for lowering the tax on milk. He forgives Chaitu and praises him for rectifying his mistake. He says I will give my vote to Chaitu.

Khoji says public forgives mistakes of ministers soon, but ministers just think for their profit, we just want everyone to get benefit with high tax on wine. The family sees the news. Chaitu says the real credit goes to Puttan. Puttan says I don’t know who showed me this path. Chaitu says your illusionary ghost, I m upset even when public is happen, govt has suffered a loss and even I had a loss. Puttan says we will have benefit, we will have double income, sale was less, but we haven’t suffered loss. Chaitu says I m proud of you. Imli asks them to get sweets for everyone. She says get milk tea as Chaitu removed tax on milk. They all smile.

Khoji welcomes Avishwas for interview. Avishwas says ministers got honest by the season of elections. Khoji gets a call and says what, breaking news, a UFO is spotted over Ulta Pradesh, it means alien attack. Chaitu gets shocked seeing the news. Khoji says this is the latest video of UFO, its my request to people to stay alert, maybe aliens have landed in Ulta Pradesh, the aliens can be dangerous too. Malai says why did they come here. Puttan says no need to be afraid, aliens aren’t dangerous than Chaitu and me. Imli says who will save the aliens from Puttan. Puttan is outside. Watchman says aliens may attack here, I saw the UFO, this happened when you were watching the movie, you should leave now. Puttan says I m CM’s Saala, who can attack me. He sees the UFO. A stone hits his head. He falls down. Imli and Malai worry for Puttan. Imli asks Chaitu to find Puttan. Chaitu says party men will find him. Malai says I can’t contact Puttan. Puttan is brought home, they all get shocked. They think the alien attacked Puttan. Chaitu asks them to call doctor. Puttan says the aliens attacked me. Chaitu gets shocked.

Chaitu sees his family defending themselves from aliens. Puttan gets the aliens home. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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