Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 11th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan and Pavva have a fight

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 11th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Puttan getting angry when someone overtakes his bike. He calls police and complains. He gets the man caught by police. He beats him up. The man screams and asks inspector to arrest Puttan. Puttan beats him more. The man says my brother in law won’t beat him. Puttan gets him beaten more. The man threatens about Whisky Singh. Puttan gets shocked and asks why didn’t you tell first. Puttan says I got mad at you, I forgive you now. The man says you have ruined my face, I had to go and meet a girl today. Puttan says we will go hospital and fix your face, you can’t meet the girl in this way, you are lucky that I m taking you to hospital. He gets the doctor’s call and asks him to treat his patient well.

Puttan comes home. Imli asks him what happened, why

did he get late. Puttan says I m a bad news. He gets the call and answers on the man’s behalf. He says I will come later and see the girl. Chaitu asks when did he plan all this. Imli asks did you get married. Putta says Whisky’s brother in law Pavva’s marriage talk is happening, I got him admitted in hospital after beating him and then got his phone. Chaitu asks why did you beat him. Puttan says he has overtook my bike. He asks Imli for food.

Whisky and Batli meet Pavva. She gets angry. Whisky asks her to calm down. She says I won’t leave Puttan. Whisky asks what happened. Pavva says I was just coming home. She asks him to take revenge else she won’t leave him. Whisky and Batli come to meet Chaitu. Chaitu asks Jha to get breakfast for them. Whisky says I got a complaint. Chaitu says Pavva has overtaken Puttan’s bike, its an insult, Puttan has more rights, what’s wrong if he has beaten Pavva. Batli asks him to make Puttan apologize. Chaitu refuses. Batli asks Whisky to show if he has some respect. Whisky asks Chaitu to think well, else he will need to think something. She says I won’t leave Puttan. He says I have the power to get support back. She calls him smart.

Khoji says just now we got to know that Whisky is ready to take his support back, what will Chaitu do now. Chaitu says I love Puttan a lot, how can I stay annoyed with him. Khoji takes his news bytes. Whisky and Batli meet Genda and take her sympathy. Genda says I have no brother, my life’s aim is to serve public, I just want to get majority of votes, then I will dedicate life in devotion. She says Whisky will rule the state then, he will become CM. They get glad. Genda says I just need your support. Batli says we will do as you say.

Chaitu says Puttan has to say sorry. Imli says talk to Whisky, why is he threatening to ruin the party. Chaitu asks how will I manage the family expenses then. Imli asks him to talk to Whisky and his wife. Imli calls Whisky and invites him for lunch. Batli asks him to refuse. He says I m busy, you know what Puttan did, I have some self respect, how can I come. Imli says Chaitu wants to have drinks with you. Whisky says we will go, maybe Puttan is ready to apologize. Imli says get Pavva along.

Whisky likes the food. Puttan asks Pavva did his bones break. Batli says yes, what was Pavva’s mistake. Imli says Puttan has a big heart, just apologize to him, he will forgive. Batli says Puttan has to apologize. Puttan says I don’t say sorry and thanks. She says Genda said if we support her, she will make Whisky the CM. Chaitu gets shocked.

Chaitu hugs his chair and gets upset. Imli and Batli argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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