Har Mard Ka Dard 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mallika trying to talk to Sonu. Sonu says Mishra ji told me everything and asks her to go. Vinod hears Sonu thoughts and gets tensed. He tells that he couldn’t say anything when Mallika came infront of Kali Saxena as his wife. Sonu asks how you would have felt when I was in someone else embrace. Vinod is shocked. Sonu says you have hurt me? Vinod is upset. Mallika comes back to her house and tells Apsara that she has won and saved Vinod’s job. Apsara says you have put fire to his married life. Mallika says she will give her shoulder, when Vinod search for the shoulder to cry keeping his head down. Everyone asks Sonu to spit the anger and end the fight. Sonu refuses and says Vinod have hurt me badly.

Vinod comes and asks Sonu to search his file. Sonu asks him to

ask his wife instead. Vinod thinks he is caught by the trouble and thinks where is the file? He gets Kali Saxena’s call and she tells her dialogue. Kali Saxena tells that she got some couples who are unhappy in their marriage and she wants them to give tips to them. Vinod is shocked and thinks what to do now. He thinks it is enough now, I don’t care if I lose job or if kali saxena transfer me to jungle. I will tell the truth. He comes to college. Mishra ji says we know that Bhabhi would have been upset with you. Vinod says he will tell truth. Gulati says we are also involved in your lie and asks him to lie again. Mallika comes.

Kali Saxena asks Vinod to tell tips about his married life. Vinod says Kali Saxena ji said that my married life is happy, and this is truth. He says she said that I am very happy in my married life, this is truth. He says there is one more truth that he loves his wife immensely and she loves him immensely too. He tells that there is one more truth and tells that the lady standing here is not my wife, but….Sonu comes and says she is more than a wife. Kali Saxena says Ms. Padosan. Sonu says she is not his wife, but life. Vinod says please. Sonu says she is not his wife, but happiness, smile and his everything. She says your love changed me, and I will not flirt with you now Bhai Saheb. She goes. Everyone claps for them.

Vinod tries to talk to Sonu. Sonu thanks Mallika. Mallika says it was my duty and goes. Vinod says whatever had happened? She says she heard him talking on phone and apologizes for not believing him. She says sorry and says I love you. Oh Sonu plays….Vinod opens his arms and says I love you. Sonu hugs him.

Mallika is angry at her house. Apsara laughs on her defeat. Mallika throws the glass bottle and manages to hold it. Mallika says what did you think that if this bottle breaks, you will be freed and will go to Vinod to tell my truth that I am not an ordinary girl, but apsara but came to woo him. She says this will not happen as I have a plan in which Vinod will be trapped.

She says my plan will be solid now. Later in the night, she comes to Vinod and Sonu’s room. Sonu wakes up and looks scared. She runs off the bed. Mallika holds Sonu’s neck. Sonu shouts and wakes up, thinks it was a bad dream. In the morning, Sonu tells Vinod about her dream. Anju says dreams never come true. They tell her that there is nothing like ghost. Vinod asks her to call him if she sees ghost. He says he will twist ghost’s ears and says ghost will get afraid of me. Mallika hears him and gets an idea.

Mallika screams for help in her house. Sonu asks Vinod to go and rescue Mallika. Vinod goes to her house. Mallika pretends to faints in his embrace.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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