Har Mard Ka Dard 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod asking Sonu to make tea fast and pretends to be talking to Sonu. He calls Mishra ji. Mishra ji thinks why did he call from kitchen and goes to kitchen. Vinod asks him to keep Kali Saxena busy till Sonu returns. Mishra ji goes to Kali Saxena and asks her to come and see the house till bhabhi Sonu makes tea. Kali Saxena tells that Vinod’s wife shall show me the house and asks if they have lied to her. Vinod, Mishra ji and Gulati are worried. Vinod says she is in kitchen. Kali Saxena says she will go there and see. Vinod is shock and turns his face. Mallika comes out of kitchen and says she is Mrs. Vinod Khanna, and greets Kali Saxena. Kali Saxena says you have maintained yourself well and it seems like some apsara came on earth. Mallika hugs him and says I love you. Vinod

hesitantly says I love you.

Kali Saxena cries seeing their Jodi. Gulati gives him tissue. Mallika asks kali Saxena to come and asks Vinod to act for his job. She tells Kali that they love each other a lot and Vinod drinks tea from her hand. Kali Saxena gets happy.

Mallika says he drinks sugarless tea as he is having mohabbates, lovetes, pyartes etc. Kali Sharma tells that I think I shall marry seeing you both happy, and tells of her favorite liner. She tells if you don’t have any objection then I have a request. She tells that she wants them to dance. Vinod says what you are saying? Mallika says they can dance in any forms. She dances on the song mere photo ko seene se………She asks Vinod to enjoy else Kali Saxena will doubt on them. Vinod also dances with her. Kali Saxena is dancing too. Vinod also sings and dance. Gulati and Mishra ji also dance. Fevicol se…..plays… Just then Vinod is shocked to see Sonu coming there and drops Mallika on floor. She asks Vinod what is happening?

Kali Saxena asks who is she? Sonu is about to say, but Mallika says she is our padosan. Kali Saxena asks why did she call Vino to Vinod. Mallika tells Vinod that time has come to say truth and tells Kali that this woman is flirting with my husband and is trying to steal my husband from me, but he is so honest and don’t get trap in her net. She asks her to leave her husband and asks why you are becoming who in between us. Mallika and Sonu say I love you to Vinod. Mallika says she will not agree like this and takes Sonu out of house and pushes her. She then closes the door. Mallika then goes to Vinod and hugs him. Mishra ji goes to Sonu and explains her everything.

Kali Saxena says everyone shall have a happy marriage like you both. Sonu comes there. Mallika says you came again. Sonu says her keys are lost and she will stay here till that keys maker came. Kali asks about their honeymoon. Mallika tells that their honeymoon started from Jan – june, and tells that they have honeymoon daily. Kali asks daily. Mallika says Vinod tells her I love you as SRK. Sonu asks him to say. Kali Saxena asks Sonu to keep quiet and asks Vinod to say I love you. Everyone claps for him. Kali Saxena says I can’t bear more than this as I am a kali. She says I shall go now. Vinod thinks Sonu will play my band and asks Kali to stay back. Sonu eyes them. Kali Saxena asks her to leave them alone and let them live their life. Vinod says I will drop you. Kali asks him to be with his beautiful wife.

Vinod asks Sonu what he would have done when Kali Saxena came home. Sonu asks how you would if a stranger man holds me closer in his embrace. Vinod looks son upset.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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