Har Mard Ka Dard 7th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonu giving milk to Vinod and asks him to say about the gossip. Vinod says he is lucky to have beautiful wife like her. Sonu says I know. Vinod says I can do anything for you. Sonu asks him to tell the gossip. Vinod says we shall love and not waste time. Sonu says you are a liar. Vinod tells that when he went to icecream parlour, he saw Taneja having Chiko icecream with a girl and was looking tensed. She says the people there told that Taneja is having an affair with the girl. Sonu gets happy. Vinod asks her to kiss him. Sonu says she is feeling sleepy and also having indigestion now. She then kisses on his cheeks. He gets glad. Apsara comes there and asks Vinod if she is looking hot. Vinod says Sonu is sleeping. Sonu says her sleep is getting disturbed. He takes her far.

Apsara shows agni shashtra and asks why did you tell Taneja’s gossip to her, and says if she tells anyone then what will happen, you will get termination letter in your hand, and says you will lose job because of your innocence. Vinod gets tensed.

Sonu gets ready and sings song hoton pe aisi baat….Vinod thinks it seems Apsara told right and thinks to find out. He goes to get the mani from the bathroom and sees her gone. Sonu calls her friends home and tells that she is not closed shopping malls as they thought. She tells that she has hot gossip. Jyoti asks her to tell. Vinod hears Sonu’s thoughts about Taneja’s gossip. Vinod asks Sonu to help him find the pant. Jyoti says he came without wearing pant and teases him. Sonu goes. He asks what you were going to tell them and asks her not to tell Taneja’s secret else he will be fired from the job. Sonu asks how did you know? Vinod says his heart said and asks her to promise. Sonu says I will not tell and gets sad. Jyoti asks her to tell hot gossip. Sonu thinks what to tell now……..She tells about heroine’s affair.

Jyoti says even street dog knows about it and says we have wasted our time here, and calls her closed shopping mall. Sonu is sad. Kanno asks her not to disheartened heart. Taneja sees Vinod talking to Mishra and Gulati, and asks him to tell what he was talking. Ishani comes and asks Taneja to explain her about hindi line. She says buddhi ghoodi laal lagaam…..Vinod says I will explain you and says it is that doing things which is not suitable for age. He then tells that murgi is inside the egg, and says it means secret is hidden. Ishani asks why did you thank him. Vinod says I was inviting him for chowki and that’s why he thanked me. He invites Taneja and asks him to come. Taneja asks if hen will be inside the egg. Vinod assures him.

Sonu gets stomach pain. Kanno says Vinod will get medicine. Sonu says it is gossip pain. Kanno asks her to tell immediately. Sonu says Vinod gave her promise. Kanno says you can’t speak….but you can write. She asks her to write the gossip. Sonu says it is a good idea and writes on the paper about Taneja’s affair. Kanno reads the gossip about Taneja and says wow….this is solid gossip. Sonu asks her not to tell anyone and gives her promise. Kanno says okay….and goes. Vinod comes back and asks Sonu to have medicine. Sonu says she is alright now with home remedy. Anju calls Kanno, and tells that she is having pain in her stomach. Anju asks her to call icecream parlour. Kanno says she can’t control now. Anju asks her to tell what did she do? Kanno says it is nothing like that. She tells that Taneja is having an affair with a girl and went to have icecream with her. Anju is shocked. Kanno asks her not to tell Sonu. Anju says okay and promises her. She feels stomach pain with the news.

Dadi comes and asks how is she looking? Anju says I don’t want to lie today and says mobile will be same even if she changes the cover. Dadi asks did you make chole kulche. Anju says I made, but…..She tells that she is worried about Vinod and tells about Taneja. Dadi asks her to tell fully if she has any respect for her. Anju tells that Taneja is a flirt and roams with girls. (everyone add spice before telling other). Anju asks her not to tell anyone. Dadi says let him come, I will break coconut on his head and will scold him. Anju gets worried.

Taneja comes for Puja. Dadi asks Taneja if he came alone and asks where is she? Anju prays to God to handle Dadi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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