Har Mard Ka Dard 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mallika laughing at Apsara and telling that her Vinod have become her benaam Aashiq. Apsara says my Vinod can never be her benaam aashiq. Mallika says Vinod will confess infront of you that he is my benaam aashiq. Bunno thinks to go and enquire with Mallika about benaam aashiq. He comes to her and asks if someone is in your life. Mallika says someone has touched my heart and tells that he is benaam aashiq. Bunno thinks it’s me and thinks he won the lottery. He goes home and dances with Kanno and Sonu. Sonu asks what happened? Bunno says I am in love. Mallika stops Vinod and says I want to talk to you something important. Vinod asks her to let him keep scooter on stand. He asks her to hurry up and tells he has to go out with Sonu. Mallika says if a guy calls a girl hiding

his identity then if this is right. Vinod says this is not right, and tells that may be that guy hides his identity fearing rejection. Vinod says sonu is waiting and goes. Mallika thinks he is strange.

Vinod comes home. Sonu tells him that Bunno is grown up and fell in love. Vinod goes to him and asks if he is in love. Bunno nods yes. Vinod says even I had a long marriage. He asks him to concentrate on studies first. Bunno says ok and asks him to help him to impress her. Vinod asks about the girl. Bunno says I will make you meet her later. He asks Vinod to write letter for him. Vinod writes letter for him. Bunno says I will sign. He comes to Mallika’s house and keeps the letter, rings the bell. Mallika comes out and sees Vinod. Vinod searches for the icecream seller and calls Sonu, tells that he will make her have icecream tomorrow. Mallika reads the poetic letter and thinks to match the letter’s hand writing with that of Vinod.

She comes to Sonu’s house and tells that she has decided to set her health centre. Papa ji comes, sees Mallika and gets scared, runs to his room. Vinod comes for breakfast. Mallika says she will take things from dealer and asks Vinod to drop her there. Vinod asks her to tell address. Mallika calls dealer and asks Vinod to note down the address. Vinod notes down the address and tells that this place is far away from my college. Mallika says she will go tomorrow. Bunno says he will drop her. Mallika says she will manage and takes address from Vinod. She matches hand writing and says both writing is same and it is confirm now that my benaam aashiq is Vinod. Bunno calls Mallika and asks if he like the letter. Mallika says yes and asks him to come infront of her. He says he is afraid that she might reject him. Mallika thinks Vinod saying same and tells that she can agree too. Bunno gets happy, sees Kanno and ends the call.

Mallika comes to Vinod and asks him to tell the truth. She says you are my benaam aashiq who calls me. Vinod is shocked and laughs. He says why I will call you and laughs. Mallika gets call from Bunno and tells Vinod that she thought he is joking with her for fun, but now he seems to be someone else. Vinod asks her not to waste time. Mallika shows the letter and says that benaam aashiq’s hand writing resembles you. Vinod says I will check. He gets Sonu’s call and goes. Mallika thinks who is he?

She comes to Vinod’s house and tells the ladies. All the ladies get angry on that benaam aashiq. Bunno says I will catch that person. Mallika asks Sonu to request Vinod to find him. Sonu promises her. Vinod comes and asks am I james bond? Sonu says you are my bond, I have promised and you have to help her. She says if Kanno was on Mallika’s place, what you would have done. The ladies ask him to agree. Sonu does his tilak. Bunno gets tensed. Kanno says all the best. Vinod goes out.

Inspector tells that benaam aashiq stays here and tells PCO owner told us. Bunno gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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