Har Mard Ka Dard 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 30th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Apsara laughing on Mallika and says you are trapped in your own net, and says Apsaras can’t marry and says if Apsara gets married then she becomes an ordinary woman and can’t return to devlok. Mallika nods no tensedly. Apsara laughs. Anju tells Sonu fainted hearing Vinod’s decisions. Bunno says I will not leave new Bhabhi if anything happens to my Sonu bhabhi. Sonu gains consciousness. Papa ji tells that he won’t let Vinod remarry. Sonu faints again. Anju says we shall inform Sonu’s parents. Papa ji tells that Sonu’s father has a heart ailment and we can’t risk his life, what will happen to Rasika. Anju says what to do? we are in fix what to do. Vinod is ready for marriage. Gulati and Mishra ji sit as a pandits call bride. Vinod calls Tulsi. Mallika thinks where

is she trapped? Vinod gets up from the mandap and holds Tulsi/Mallika’s hand as she is hiding behind the pillar. Mallika worries thinking if she will end up marrying him. Vinod holds her hand and takes her to temple. Mishra ji tells that he will do ghatbandhan. Vinod thinks now you can’t back off. Mallika thinks she can’t marry being an Apsara and thinks how she got trapped by Mallika. He is over smart.

Sonu comes there and faints again. Kanno calls Anju. Vinod sees Sonu, but continues his drama and take rounds with Tulsi/Mallika. Mallika thinks apsara can’t marry, as says you will become ordinary woman. She tells that she will not marry and stops. Vinod asks why you don’t want to marry. Mallika asks did you forget that we got married before. Vinod says society don’t agree to that marriage. Mishra ji gives him mangalsutra and sindoor to Vinod. Vinod shows it. Sonu says it is mine. Vinod says I will give my name to you. Mallika nods no. Vinod proceeds towards her. She tells that she can’t marry him. Vinod takes a pinch of sindoor. Mallika asks him not to come near her. She asks him to stop and starts crying. She tells I am a dramebaaz liar woman and tells that the boy is liar too. She tells that they loot innocent people and asks boy to come. Anju asks her family to call Police.

Mallika gets shocked and runs from there. Vinod turns to his family. He tells that he is sad as his own family don’t believed on him. Everyone is shocked. Vinod tells Sonu that when he got married to her, he promised never to betray her and says you had also promised never to doubt me. Sonu says sorry and hugs him. Papa ji, Anju, Kanno and Bunno hug him. Vinod agrees to forgive him. He thanks Mishra ji and Gulati ji. Vinod asks them not to tell anything to Dadi. They say they didn’t know. Vinod says bye. Sonu takes the garland. Kanno gives garland to Vinod. Papa ji asks them to make each other wear garland. They argue. Mallika thinks you have won, but next game, I won’t let you win and this is my promise.

Mallika gets a call. She picks the call and hears Bunno telling lyrics of a song and tells that he is her benaam lover. Mallika thinks who is he? She calls on that number and comes to know it is PCO number. Mallika thinks who is he? Vinod and Sonu are sleeping. Vinod gets up and tells Sonu that he got late for college. He sees Taneja’s missed calls and thinks to call him, but his phone gets switched off. He thinks to call Taneja from PCO. He calls Taneja. Meanwhile Bunno calls Mallika. Mallika sees Vinod in the PCO and thinks if he is benaam aashiq of hers.

Mallika finds a letter outside her house and sees Vinod going. She thinks Vinod kept letter and ran away When he comes near me, he insists to go to Sonu and when he is far, he calls me as benaam aashiq.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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