Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod seeing Mallika. Mallika asks what you are doing here? Vinod says you went out. Mallika asks she came back to take something and asks what he is doing here. Vinod says he came to get jhumka. Mallika asks when I was not in the house and asks if he came to steal something. Vinod says why I will steal? Mallika says Police will decide. Vinod says why you will call Police as Sonu is your friend and we are neighbors. Mallika says you have to go to jail and you will have hand cuff. She tells that she would have given him many jhumkas as he is hers. Vinod folds his hand and asks her to leave him. Apsara thinks she has to make Vinod hear her and pushes the bottle in which she is caged. Sonu asks Bunno if he saw Vinod. Bunno says he went to Mallika’s house. Sonu is worried. Mallika

ties Vinod’s hand with the ceiling and asks him for what he came. Vinod feels her perfume smell and closes his eyes. Mallika asks if he likes the smell. He gets sonu’s call and become active. He asks her to let him go. Mallika says enquiry have just started. Apsara drops something while pushing the bottle. Mallika goes inside and tells Apsara that Vinod is trapped in her beauty trap and asks her to see drama. Vinod thinks something is wrong and manages to open his handcuff. Sonu comes and accuses him for going to Mallika’s house. Mallika comes out and sees Vinod leaving.

Vinod tells Sonu that she is thinking him wrong. He thinks to find out what is in her heart. He rubs the locket. Sonu thinks Vinod fell for Mallika and don’t love her now. She packs her bags and tells that she will never return. Vinod thinks how I will live and thinks how to stop her. Mallika comes there calling Vinod and says you came without informing me and asks Sonu why she is upset. Sonu says everything is alright. Mallika apologizes to her and tells that she called Vinod for help and made him keep some heavy stuff. Sonu gets happy. Mallika tells that Vinod refused when she asked him for help, but when she took her name, he came. She asks him to complete the work. Vinod tells Sonu that he can’t live without her. Sonu apologizes for doubting him. She asks him to go and do Mallika’s work. Vinod thinks don’t know what Mallika wants from me. Apsara tells Mallika that her attack will go waste and Vinod will not be trapped in her trap. Mallika says Vinod will be in her embrace very soon, as she will give him double dose.

Vinod gets Taneja’s call anda says he is leaving and starting scooter. Sonu asks him to help her and repair the remote. Vinod says he is in hurry and goes. Apsara asks Mallika to free her from bottle. Mallika says she will take her out now and acts to open the bottle nozzle, and laughs. She says I will use the trap now to stop Vinod. Vinod is starting his scooter. Mallika asks him to help her and tells that she is hopeful. Vinod thinks she is pregnant and says you are unmarried. Mallika says she has hopes with her and asks her to repair her fuse. Vinod says he is getting late for college. Mallika holds his hand and asks him to come. She takes him inside forcibly and locks the door. She then pretends to fall and he catches her. She says your arms have supported me again. Vinod asks where is the fuse box. Mallika asks him to come. He checks the fuse box. Mallika touches him sensually and uses magic on him. Electricity comes. She takes him to hall and dances with him while the song Chura Na Dil Mera plays…..Vinod imagines Sonu drinking poison and gets shocked.

Sonu sees Vinod still starting scooter and thinks he didn’t go till now. Mallika tells Sonu that she is lucky woman to have Vinod and tells that he repaired her fuse. Sonu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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