Har Mard Ka Dard 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 29th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod asking Sonu if she is doubting on him. Sonu says she wishes that this girl proves wrong and tells that the boy resembles him. Vinod asks what you are saying. Mallika/Tulsi asks them not to fight and says I came to just make my son meet his Papa, and tells that she don’t need anything and asks Jharna to come and says we will go back to our village. Sonu says you will not go until it is proved that Vinod is your husband or not, if he is your son’s father or not. Vinod says Sonu, and says if you are stopping her, it means you don’t trust me. He says he will leave the house and will not return until it is proved who is a liar and who is right. Sonu thinks I don’t want him to leave. Mallika smirks. Vinod is sitting outside the house. Mallika comes there in her avatar

and tells that she came to know everything. Vinod asks what? Mallika says I know that you are right, but that woman is a liar. Vinod says I wish Sonu thinks this way. Mallika says she will make Sonu understand and asks him to come with her to her house. Vinod says what people will say? Mallika says she don’t worry about people’s thinking and asks him to come.

Sonu thinks don’t know how is Vinod? Mallika comes to her house and tells that she came to take Vinod’s clothes. She tells that Vinod stayed in her house last night. Sonu is shocked. Mallika lies to her that Vinod humbly requested her to let him stay in her house, so she agreed. Sonu gives her Vinod’s clothes. Mallika asks if she will not let him come home. Sonu says yes. Mallika dances happy just as Sonu turns. Mallika tells her that the woman is a liar. Sonu tells that Tulsi’s son is like Vinod and even dresses up like him. Mallika asks him not to spoil her marital life, but instead get the DNA test done. Sonu asks if Vinod will agree. Mallika says she will convince him. Sonu asks her to bring him to lab. Vinod asks mallika what you are saying? Mallika tells him that Sonu wants him to get DNA test done. Mallika says she tried to make Sonu understand, but she is adamant to get the test done. Vinod says if Sonu wants then I will come to get the test done. He says I have not done anything wrong. Mallika thinks she has attacked two with one arrow.

Vinod gives test. Doctor tells that report will come in the evening. Sonu thinks truth will be out now. Vinod also thinks the same. Mallika thinks hungama will happen in the evening. Doctor brings report and asks them to take it. Papa ji asks him to read the report. Doctor tells that Vinod and the boy’s DNA matches with each other. Vinod is shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Mallika recalls doing the magic on Doctor when he is examining the sample and says plan success. Doctor congratulates Papa ji. Vinod is shocked to read the report. Anju emotionally blackmails Vinod. Papa ji asks why did you do this? Kanno says I didn’t think my brother would do such a thing. Bunno says you have betrayed Bhabhi and brought my Bhatija. Vinod is clueless and says Sonu. Sonu says I agreed to your saying and asks if this report is fake. Vinod says yes. Sonu says only you are a liar in this room. She says I didn’t believe on Tulsi, but today you have broken my heart and trust. Vinod thinks I know that this woman Tulsi is a fraud and thinks even Lab doctor is with her.

Vinod tells Gulati and Mishra ji that tulsi and lab doctor are together. Mallika tells that he can’t prove and will be kicked out of house. Vinod tells that he will prove his innocence. He comes home and calls everyone. He admits that Tulsi is his first wife and tells that he is ready to accept Tulsi and his son. He tells that he will marry Tulsi tomorrow in the house. Everyone is shocked.

Vinod holds Mallika/Tulsi’s hand and takes her to mandap. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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