Har Mard Ka Dard 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod thinking about Apsara’s words and gets an idea. Sonu’s father asks about Vinod’s salary. Mr. Taneja tells that Vinod is going to be fired from the college as he is the only male professor in the college, otherwise he is good. They get sad. Sonu’s parents hear Vinod talking to Ishani. Ishani tells him that she came with her luggage and says she is ready to elope with him and loves him very much. Vinod says he loves his wife very much and she is one in the millions. They hear them and get happy thinking their son in law loves their daughter a lot and regrets to doubt him. Vinod thanks Ishani and promises her main role in the drama. Later when he comes home, Sonu’s parents tell that they have doubted on Vinod, but he is a loyal husband. Sonu gets happy. Vinod

comes. Sonu’s parents tell that they can go back to Ahmedabad now peacefully. Vinod brings their bags.

Sonu’s mum tells that her husband is thinking to open poultry business for him. Vinod says from professor to milkman. He imagines himself as milkman. Sonu comes to him and asks him to deliver milk to customers. Anju cries and tells that she has not given him birth to become milk man. She argues with her husband. Mr. Taneja comes and says this work suits Vinod much, and calls him dudiya….Everyone call him dudiya. He is scared. Sonu’s parents tell her that they will teach Vinod how to draw milk. Rasika says now Sonu and Bhavna will stay together now. Vinod gets up. Sonu tells Vinod that her sister is coming to stay with them. Vinod asks who? Sonu gets upset.

Vinod says he don’t want to become dudiya from professor and asks her to move. They try to convince him and asks him to earn for their daughter atleast. Vinod tells Bunno that Sonu is planning to make him milkman and promises to cut his moustache, but then says he don’t have. Bunno removes his head phone. Vinod comes out and calls his mum asking her to come out. He sees Dadi and Papa drinking milk and asks about it. He then sees Nikke and threatens to complain to his mum. Nikke says I will see you. Sonu’s papa asks Vinod to agree when his sasur is ready to invest in his business. Dadi says I will eat kulche and tandoore…soon then.

Vinod says you are risking my career for this. Bunno says I have made the song too and sings. Vinod says how I will manage time for milk business. Papa ji says I will handle in week days, and you handle during weekend. Dadi says no, whatever you do, will fail and asks Vinod to handle himself. Vinod says this work doesn’t suit me. Anju comes and tells SRK’s words of Raees that no work is small. He agrees hesitantly. Papa ji asks him to come home and start the shop. Vinod asks what? Dadi says we will inaugurate in the evening. Vinod says you have done planning without informing me and goes. He goes. Mr. Taneja scolds the ladies teachers. Vinod thinks now he can’t ask for leave. NGO woman come and thanks him for charity. Taneja says kids are my weakness.

Vinod hears him and thinks since when he has become mother Taneja, and asks him where is his feet. He says I have decided to help these kids and shows Nikke’s pic telling him that he wants to raise this kid and tells that today is his birthday so he wants to go home early. Taneja agrees. Vinod asks him to bless him. He comes home and sees diary shop. Sonu’s papa tells that he will train Vinod. Vinod thinks they are after me. Sonu’s papa trains Vinod, how to make curd, paneer, butter etc. Vinod gets tensed. His phone rings and he searches it. He thinks I was good being professor and thinks he has to make his family understand this. He thinks to make paneer so that the first day of shop will become last.

Sonu’s parents bring Bhavna (buffalo)…Everyone js shocked seeing her and asks if it is Bhavna.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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