Har Mard Ka Dard 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod asking Sonu which shirt she is talking about. He recalls his inlaws gifting shirt to him after coming back from Europe and tells that it is worth 1000 Euros after adding their flight fare, hotel stay etc. Vinod says I am surprised that people wear such shirt now also. Sonu looks happy. Fb ends. Vinod thinks husbands due for their wives, and I have to just wear a shirt. He wears the shirt and comes downstairs. Anju and Papa ji are shocked. Sonu is surprised. Dadi says you are looking like Dada ji and clicks selfie with him. Kanno says you are looking like a hero. Anju says I have raised you with so much love, and says you had always worn clothes of my choice and says you have hurt me today.

Vinod tells her that he has worn blue undergarments. He tells Sonu

that he has kept the gift secretly. Sonu asks him to take out the shirt in the night. Anju says I will not wash it and goes. Later Papa ji tells Vinod that he is looking fool. Vinod says he is ready to look fool for his wife’s happiness and goes to college. His inlaws think why did he wear this shirt today, may be to impress us. Bunno tells them that Vinod have worn this shirt as there is a function at college and Vinod is teaching romance to students. Papa ji asks Bunno to take them to college and show Vinod teaching students. Bunno says he will get late as he is canteen’s manager, but then agrees. Vinod is directing the play. Girls students insist him to become Kanhaiyya. Vinod agrees hesitantly and holds the flute. Bunno comes with Vinod’s inlaws and hugs a girl.

Sonu’s father says when younger brother is like this, then how will be the elder. Everyone see Vinod dancing with girls. Sonu’s mum says so many Gopis together and says now we have understood why he is eager to go to college early. Sonu’s father tells he wants to play the raas leela here. He shouts Vinod. Vinod tells them that he is not doing anything. He asks the girls to get back to class and goes behind Bunno to beat him. Anju asks her husband where is her son Bunno. They argue. Papa ji tells anju that Bunno took Vinod’s inlaws to his college. Anju gets emotional and says Vinod never showed any pic to me and took them to college, gets angry Vinod asks Bunno, he would have inform him before taking them here. Sonu’s parents asks him to take class and insists to attend it. Vinod tells poem. A student asks Vinod to teach her a poem. Vinod says page is missing and asks her to read from his book. Apsara comes and sits beside the girl. Girl gets angry and goes.

Apsara asks Vinod to come out and talk to her. He tells everyone that he will convince Sweety and bring her back. He apologizes to her. Sweety asks him to mark her attendance as she is going to theatre. He agrees. Ishani comes and blackmails him asking him to give her main role in the play. He agrees. Apsara asks him to clear Sonu’s doubt for once and all. She kisses on his cheeks and disappears. He comes inside the class to teach his students. They laugh seeing the lipstick mark on his cheek. They ask if it is given by Ishani and Sweety. His inlaws gets angry and asks him about the lipstick mark. Ishani shows the lipstick mark in the mirror. He says okay. His inlaws follow him wherever he goes. He then locks them in the class and goes.

Sonu says she will play ludo. Kanno says chess. Anju cries. Sonu asks what happened to you. Anju says my son don’t love me and never took me to his college or show his college pic. Dadi says I will ask them to whatsapp the pics. Anju says I don’t understand your language and goes.

Sonu’s parents panic seeing them lock in store room. Taneja is there in the storeroom and turns out to be Sonu’s papa friend. They hug each other. Rasika asks who is he? Her husband tells that he is his close friend. Taneja asks why did they come to college. Sonu’s father tells that they came to meet Vinod, who is Sonu’s husband. Mr. Taneja asks why did you chose him and apologizes. Rasika gets tensed. Vinod thinks what to do with these inlaws.

Vinod is sitting indisguise of milk man. Taneja and Sonu’s parents come home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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