Har Mard Ka Dard 24th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 24th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod asking Sonu’s mummy why she is looking at him. Sonu’s mum thinks Vinod is having pimple on his foot. Monty asks Sonu’s mummy not to tell Sonu else she will panic. They run away from there. A couple scold them for disturbing them. Dadi sees Kanno bewafa on chair and tells Kanno. Kanno says it is not my name. Dadi says we have done all this in that age. Sonu’s mummy asks Vinod to remove his pant and apply ointment on his foot. Couple asks why they are following them and goes. Vinod says he will not remove his pant. Monty tells Vinod that day you told me about your acne. Sonu’s mummy ji says you would have told Sonu, she would have apply ointment on it. Vinod thinks to find out what is in her mind. He hears her thinking she has to see if it is transferable.

Vinod tells Sonu’s parents that he has saved Sonu till now and asks her to keep away from him. They go to play kabaddi.

Dadi says I want to see who has more Stamina than me. Vinod’s papa challenges Sonu’s papa. Sonu’s mummy asks him not to be mad and says you will catch Vinod’s infection. They make excuse. Vinod tells Sonu that he is feeling bad as her parents refused. Sonu requests them to play game. Her father convinces his wife. Vinod’s papa tells if we win then you have to take care of this picnic expenses. Sonu’s papa agrees and says if we win then you have to obey us. They agree. They begin the game. Vinod thanks Monty and says you have relieved my tension.

Vinod asks his mummy to hold his jacket. They play kabaddi. Sonu is about to catch Vinod, but her parents take her back. Vinod goes to their side. They run away to maintain distance from him. Vinod holds Sonu and romance. Her parents take her away. Dadi goes to play and get out of game. Monty goes next, but Kanno’s charm works and he stops. He imagines himself with her. He gets out. Papa ji goes to play with Sonu’s mummy and touches her by mistake. Anju gets upset and opposition team wins. She tells Sonu’s parents that they have won. Bunno says Papa ji have won. Anju argues with her husband. Dadi says Tikku and Ramila are today’s winner. They get happy.

Vinod asks them to hug him. They say we have to rush home and book tickets. Sonu goes to them and asks why they are ignoring Vinod. They tell Vinod is having phunsi/skin rash/ache which is spreading. Sonu recalls seeing Vinod smiling and goes to talk to him. She asks Vinod if he is scaring her parents to make them run away. Monty says yes, and tells about its name. Tikku and Ramila tell Sonu that they will take her with them. Vinod laughs and tells that it was a joke and that he had bet with Monty. Ramila gets happy. Tikku tells that he doubts that Vinod is hiding rash and that’s why ask Pinky Papa ji to ask Vinod to remove his pant and show him. Vinod refuses to take off his pant. Monty tells that he has an idea. They cover Vinod and asks him to remove his pant. Vinod removes his pant. Tikku checks and says there is no Phunsi…Everyone is happy.

At home, Papaji makes fun of Vinod for his insult by his grand father. Bunno tells that he made the video viral. Tikku comes and says his damad is like Krishna kanhaiyya. Ramila makes Vinod have gujrati food. Vinod says bye to Dadi. Anju asks him to wear some other shirt. Kanno comes and praises him. He gives money. Anju asks Sonu to button his shirt. Sonu pinches him with sewing needle. Vinod asks her to stop it. He holds the locket and hears her thoughts. Sonu thinks Vinod tried to make her parents scared and never worn the shirt brought by her parents. Vinod thinks which shirt?

Tikku and Ramila come to Vinod’s college and see him dancing with his students wearing Krishn kanhaiyya’s attire. Tikku shouts at Vinod. Vinod is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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