Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mallika telling Apsara that Vinod’s neck is in her hands. She says she did magic on Vinod and made him badmouth about Sonu. She says now she will do everything blackmailing Vinod. Bunno comes to mallika’s house wearing shawl like SRK. Mallika turns and splashes water on his face. Bunno says I have made a ghazal for you and sings. Mallika laughs hearing it and says she liked it. Bunno tells her that everyone is participating in the cultural event. Mallika thinks she can’t lose this dance. Bunno asks her what is she thinking and says I am grown up now. Mallika asks him to go and grow up. She thinks she will make Vinod dance.

Vinod tells Sonu that he will not dance in any program. Sonu says I told everyone that we are dancing. Vinod says busy in college as exams

are coming and asks him not to give him more tension. Sonu asks if he is refusing because of their fight. Vinod says no and goes. Sonu thinks Vinod is changed much.

Mallika is sitting on Vinod’s scooter. Vinod says I have tea today. Mallika asks him to come to her house else he can suffer big loss. Vinod asks what? Mallika says she can’t talk here and takes him inside. Bunno hears them and gets upset. Vinod asks Mallika to say fast. Mallika asks why you are in hurry. Vinod says he is not in masti mood and says he is going. Mallika plays the audio recording. Vinod is shocked to hear his recording badmouthing about Sonu. She tells that she needs a partner to dance in the cultural event. She makes him hear fully. Vinod is shocked and thinks how can he say this. Mallika asks him to agree and become his dancing partner. Vinod says this is not my voice? Mallika says this is your voice and asks if you will agree or shall I send this audio to Sonu. Vinod says I have understood and says you will not send this to Sonu. Mallika thinks she came to interrupt his tapasya and make him imperfect husband.

Vinod tells Mishra ji and Gulati ji that today’s kids are answering badly. Gulati asks if he had a fight with Sonu. Mishra ji asks what happened? Vinod tells them that Mallika took him inside the house forcibly to have tea and tells everything. Mishra ji asks him to agree to Mallika. Gulati asks him to reach home and be with Sonu, else Mallika might send recording to Sonu. Vinod says I will go home and asks them to tell Taneja that he was unwell and left for home.

Bunno thinks he will dance alone. Kanno asks Sonu to tell on which song he will be dancing. Vinod comes home disappointed and says he will not dance, as he is unwell and have work in college. Sonu gets Mallika’s audio clip. Vinod gets tensed. Bunno asks her to play. Sonu says it is downloading. Vinod gets tensed and hears Mallika jokes. He laughs. Papa ji says I am raja of my heart. Vinod thinks this is the warning. He thinks to make Sonu’s phone missing for 2 days.

Sonu is searching for her phone. Vinod asks if you are searching your heart and holds her. Sonu says my phone is missing. Vinod says I will help you and searches for the phone. Sonu says I got it. Vinod is shocked. Sonu shows bangle and says she was searching it. Vinod asks her to continue searching her phone and leaves for his college. Sonu is sad and thinks where is my phone. Dadi asks Sonu that phone will be found. Anju tells that you shall keep the things safely. Bunno says he will help her. Mallika comes. Bunno looks at her and asks her to come. Mallika sits down near her and asks what you would like to have? Mallika says a glass of water.

Bunno says I will bring. Sonu is searching her phone. Mallika asks her. Sonu says her phone is lost. Mallika thinks Vinod showed his jalwa finally and tells Sonu that she has to go for important work. Mallika calls Vinod and says you have made Sonu phone missing so that I couldn’t send her audio clip and says I can send it to any family member. Vinod is shocked. Mishra ji asks what happened? Vinod says she told that she can send it to his family members. Gulati says you have taken a panga. Vinod gets an idea and shares with Mishra ji and Gulati.

Mallika asks Sonu if you have a fight or argument with Vinod. Sonu says no and says Vinod is busy in college. Mallika says whenever I told that I am alone, Vinod offered to dance with me. Sonu is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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