Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Khanna family and Sonu’s parents talking happily. Dadi says it is enjoyable to be with everyone, and says we can’t get anything in fight. Sonu’s mummy says our happiness lies with kids happiness. Sonu apologizes to Vinod’s mum and says I got upset when we made pakoda, and says my mummy papa liked it. Anju says I have spoiled your recipe. Everyone says sahi hai…Papa ji tells Vinod that if they stay here for more then it will be problematic. Sonu’s papa says they got love here. Her mum says we can’t stay here for more, but as we are enjoying here, we have decided to stay here for a week. Everyone get tensed and say sahi hai….Vinod gets tensed and counts the day, hours, mins and sec…Sonu says this is happening because of Vinod as he wanted you to stay,

says hip hip hurray.

Vinod thinks he is trapped. Sonu and his parents make Vinod have dhokla etc which he don’t eat. Anju and others feel the smell and says his stomach is disturbed. Punno says I can hear his stomach voice. Vinod runs to toilet. Sonu says he is looking cute. Sonu comes to room and makes Vinod go to his side. Sonu moves Vinod. Mummy comes. She moves Vinod a little. Then Papa ji comes. Sonu pushes Vinod and he falls down from the bed. He gets up and pats on her shoulder. She ignores him and tells her parents that she can’t see Vinod in trouble. Vinod goes to his papa’s room and asks can I sleep here. He closes the door. Vinod then goes to Punno’s room. He makes him go. He then knocks on Kanno’s room and asks her to sleep in Dadi’s room. Kanno asks him to go and says she has to prepare for exam. He goes to hall and sleeps on sofa. Sonu’s papa comes there while having sleep walk and sleeps on table. Vinod gets up hearing his snoring.

Later in the college, Vinod’s students plays prank with him and applies lipstick on his lips, keeps cigarette in his mouth and cucumber on his mouth. They take pic with him. Taneja comes and accuses Vinod for drinking wine in night. All girls laugh on him.

Vinod drinks in night and tells Monty that his father in law’s stomach is bad. Monty asks him to stay away from him. Vinod says I couldn’t meet Sonu since 2 days. Monty says I will find some solution.

In the morning, Sonu’s mum tells that they just have breakfast. Anju tells that she can only boil potatoes as Gujrati cooker was on stove all the time. Papa ji tells Vinod that his stomach will be fine with boiled potatoes. Vinod thinks how to ask them when they are leaving? He asks them if they have locked the house properly. Sonu’s parents ask each other. Vinod talks about Ahmedabad’s development while Papa ji praises Patiala. Vinod signs him and asks him to understand. Papa ji says our Patiala is better. Sonu understands that Vinod wants his inlaws to go and gets upset. She tells gujrati poem. Vinod gets tensed and takes out locket. Sonu thinks Vinod is trying to make them go back and that’s why praising Ahmedabad. Vinod thinks now he has to take them to outing. He asks them to get ready as tomorrow they will go on a picnic. He says Patiala is the best. Later he tells Monty that he melted seeing Sonu. Monty asks him to go on a picnic.

Monty says I will also come. He asks if Punno and Kanno are coming. Vinod says yes. Monty says I will solve your problem. They go on a picnic and enjoy. Dadi takes selfies with everyone. Vinod’s papa ji goes to have lassi. Sonu’s mummy tells that their lassi is something else. Dadi tells Kanno that her name is written on the wall. Kanno says it might be someone else’s name, and asks her to come. Monty thinks he has to solve Vinod’s problems. Papa ji argues with a man. Man asks if he don’t want others to start family. They sit to have food. Papa ji refuses to eat thepla parathas. Vinod gives flower to Sonu…..Monty calls Sonu’s parents and says Vinod is calling you. Sonu says she is getting anarkali like feeling. She thanks him. Vinod says I love you. Sonu says I love you Papa…Sonu’s parents come there and ask her to go. Sonu’s mum tells that Monty told that he has a pimple which is dangerous. Vinod is confused. Sonu’s mum thinks to keep them away somehow.

Sonu’s papa ji asks Vinod to show the pimple. Vinod says he will not take off his pant. Vinod’s papa asks him to show the pimple. Vinod is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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