Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod inlaws dancing on the song oh baby dhol………Vinod comes dressed in a traditional dress like them. Sonu signs him to come and hugs him. Sonu is happy seeing her parents dancing. Dadi and others dance too. Dadi says she has fun dancing on gujrati song. Vinod asks how are you in gujrati. Mummy and Papa get happy. Sonu says Vinod has done all arrangements for you. Sonu says I will bring butter milk for you. Sonu’s mummy asks how did they wear all this things and asks if they have won lottery. Papa taunts her politely. Sonu’s mummy compliments Anju. Anju thanks her. Papa ji compliments Sonu’s mummy. Announcement is made that Vinod and Sonu will be going to do dandiya dance. Sonu thanks Vinod for fulfilling her dream. Vinod says I can do anything for you. They

are about to dance. Lady Inspector comes there and asks who kept the party and disturbed the neighbors. She arrests Vinod. They ask who complained to you. Nikke comes and says he has complained against them and says he is Mohalla’s dada. They get angry on him. Nikke goes.

Papa asks lady inspector to free his son. Sonu’s papa offers to pay bribe. She asks them to shut up and take him to police station. Punno tells Anju that Vinod will be back after 2-3 days. Blame game starts between the two families. Sonu blames himself. Sonu’s mummy says everyone knows that we need to take permission for party. Vinod’s friend Monty assure him that he will talk to Inspector. He compliments her beautiful eyes, and gets kicked out of police station. Sonu’s papa tells that he has many connections and will get Vinod out of Police station. Vinod’s papa tells that he told Vinod that things will spoil, but he didn’t listen. Sonu’s mummy says they are having high profile contacts. Sonu says she needs Vinod back.

Apsara comes there and says you are under arrest. Vinod asks her to free him out. Apsara signs him towards lady inspector. Vinod says she is not a woman, but gabbar. Apsara says gabbar had basti, but you had more powerful thing and shows locket. Vinod thanks her. He touches his locket and hears her feelings. Lady inspector feels that the man is innocent and got arrested because of his wife, and thinks if her husband would have been like him. Lady Inspector asks Vinod what he is thinking. Vinod says heart’s hidden pain is reflected by the eyes and says you looks hard, but you are soft like a coconut. Inspector says you does poetry too. Vinod says I am a simple professor and says my wife must be crying badly. He says I can stay here even for a year to keep her happy, and says even your husband would have done the same. Lady Inspector says he can’t do anything. Vinod says you are an example for womanhood, and says all Indian salutes you. Lady Inspector melts down and says I am leaving you as you did this for your wife. Vinod asks her to take break. She lets him free. Sonu thinks Vinod is innocent and must be beaten by the prisoners. Anju says she will make him have churan to get rid of evil eyes.

Vinod comes back home and hugs Sonu. Sonu gets happy and says you would have taken permission for party. Vinod says I know and says he will dance with her on a song. Sonu goes to bring dandiya. Lady Inspector comes there and says you was giving gyan . She also dances with them. Vinod’s papa dances with her. Anju is shocked. Lady Inspector asks him if camera is fixed in his heart to know her feelings. Vinod says it was just a thought. She takes him to dance with her. Sonu gets upset. Apsara comes and asks him to continue dancing. Vinod says when he is dancing on Punjabi song…then gujrati people are upset. Apsara asks him to dance on combo song. He tells his brother to remix Punjabi and gujrati, and asks everyone to dance. Ponnu sings song. Vinod says now nobody can stop us from dancing on romantic song. They dance on the remix song…….

Sonu’s mummy tells that they can’t stay here for long and can’t have water, but now as they are enjoying here, they have decided to stay for a week. Everyone says yes, said right. Vinod gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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