Har Mard Ka Dard 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod’s hand gets glued to Mallika’s hand. He asks her to come inside. They wonder how can their hands stuck with each other. Kanno says we will separate your hands. They make two lines and try to separate them, but fails. Mallika blames Vinod and says what people will say now. Vinod says even I am thinking how did this happen. Sonu says it will be a problem. Just then his phone rings. He says he has to go to college. Mallika agrees to go with him. They sit on the scooter. Mallika is about to fall.

Bunno holds her. Vinod takes rickshaw and they sit. He sees Sonu sad and hears her thoughts. Sonu prays for Vinod and thinks what Taneja will think. Everyone is shocked to see Vinod walking in the college holding mallika’s hand. Taneja is shocked and shouts at Vinod

for crossing the limits. He asks him to leave her hand. Vinod says I…..Taneja says how dare you not to obey him. Vinod tells that their hands are glued together. Taneja asks him not to make excuse and leave for today. Papa ji prays for Vinod and thinks who kept this oil. He uses oil on his hand and thinks it seems witch haven’t come till now. She brings belan and runs after him trying to hit him. He holds her hand and asks her to throw belan. She throws belan and finds their hands glued. Vinod comes back home with Mallika and tells that Taneja scolded him. Sonu says if there is any solution for this or not. Bunno comes and says he met Vaid ji and got this vibhuti to remove the hands.

Papa ji and Anju come there. Mallika thinks they have applied magical oil. Vinod asks how did your hand get stuck. Papa ji says no. He asks how your hands are glued. Vinod says no. Sonu says don’t know what is happening. Papa ji gets a call and tells that he can’t come. Anju is working in the kitchen and spices box falls from her hand. Vinod and Mallika are together while she is washing her hand and touches his hand sensually. Vinod is uncomfortable. Papa ji falls in flour and his face becomes white. He goes to wash his face with Anju. Sonu gets sad seeing Mallika with Vinod and asks him how they will sleep now. Mallika says what is this helplessness and says she is getting sleep. She says wherever Vinod sleeps, I have to sleep. She says tonight we have to sleep together. She asks what you will do Vinod ji and says you are gone today.

Vinod asks what you are saying? She says I can’t sleep with stranger. Sonu says we have to face the trouble. Vinod says I will not sleep with Mallika. They are lying on the bed. Sonu is sleeping in between them. Mallika tries to take Vinod to her side. Sonu sleeps. Mallika gets furious.

Vinod gets up and tells good morning. He finds Mallika sleeping with him. He is shocked and calls Sonu. Mallika tells that she went to make tea and asks him to come to her house as she wants to make tea.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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