Har Mard Ka Dard 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod apologizing to Sonu. She asks why you are saying sorry. He says from where to buy red band and flute. Sonu says she will bring and asks Vinod to take care of Sonu. Mallika comes and says she don’t like him to stay with any stranger woman. Vinod is forced to kiss on her forehead. Papa ji tells Vinod that Mallika did black magic on him and that’s why his mind is not working. He says I can’t let you fall in her magic and calls her dayan. Vinod says she lost her memory. Papa ji says I will prove that she is a ghost one day and asks him to sleep. Vinod sleeps. Papa ji thinks I have to do something. Bunno sees Mallika’s pic and says if Mohan came, then Chandra will also come. I will love you deeply. Vinod wears red band on his head and plays the flute. Mallika comes

running and hugs him. Vinod continues to play flute. She dances on the tune. Papa ji comes to Mallika’s house and thinks if she is a ghost. He sees mirror. Apsara calls him from the bottle and asks him to see. He sees Apsara in the bottle and says she can capture Vinod in the bottle, thinks to save his family.

Bunno comes to Mallika and says I am Chandra, your childhood love. He says you was about to marry me. Mallika thinks to teach him a lesson and asks him to leave her hand. She apologizes and says I don’t know any Chandar, Bandar etc. She says I love my Mohan very much. Bunno says Mohan is a bewafa sanam and I am wafadar premi. Mallika says she can’t hear anything against her Mohan and will tell you what I think of yourself.

She starts beating him with wooden stick and pulls his hairs and presses his neck. Bunno holds his ears and says I am not Chandra, but Bunno. Mallika asks him to go and says it seems you got your memory back. She thinks this is not my plan and thinks she is not getting chance to get intimate with Vinod and thinks she shall shift to her house.

Vinod asks Taneja to give him 1 week leave. Taneja says you will not get leave in any way and asks him to go. Mishra ji asks what happened? Vinod tells Mishra ji and Gulati about the happenings. Gulati says your new neighbor might be doing this for fun. Vinod thinks if Gulati is right and gets doubtful. Mallika greets Anju and Dadi and says I will do all the work as I am to be bahu of this house. She takes out a big knife and is cutting vegetable. Dadi asks her to rest. Anju says if one is unwell, then he/she shall rest. Dadi goes to rest. Anju asks her to make leafy vegetable. Doctor comes and checks Mallika. He asks them to shift Mallika and Vinod to her house. Vinod comes and asks Anju to stop Vinod from going to her house and tells about Apsara in her house. Sonu asks Vinod to go to house and stay with Mallika. Mallika says it would be fun now. Vinod thinks to find out if she is acting or not.

Vinod and Mallika play cricket. Mallika hits the ball and it hits Gulati. Vinod tells that he is dead. Mallika is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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