Har Mard Ka Dard 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sonu seeing Vinod dancing with Mallika in the fountain rain. Vinod tells her that he is innocent. Sonu asks him to stop it and says I am very angry and hurt, I will not talk to you again. It was his imagination. Vinod shouts and says I will die if this happens. Mallika asks him not to worry and says I haven’t done anything till now. She asks him to make her thirst go. Vinod says he has to go to college and goes. Mallika tells that she will trap him badly and that he will meet Radha now. Mallika sees Vinod coming back home and collides with his scooter intentionally. Bunno asks what happened to her? Everyone come out and ask what happened to her. Bunno tells that Mallika has an accident with his scooter. They take her inside. Papa ji thinks how can ghost have an accident.

Doctor checks her and says she can get consciousness or may be not. Anju says if she will fine.

Doctor says may be. Vinod asks him about Internal wound. Mallika gets up and acts as she lost memory. She calls Mohan. Anju says she is doing as heroines do in films. She asks Bunno if Manohar changed his name to Mohan. Doctor tells that due to accident, she lost her memory. Mallika sees Vinod standing and calls him Mohan. Mallika asks where did you leave me and asks him not to leave her again. She falls unconscious again, pretends to be. Vinod makes her lie down on the bed. He asks Doctor why she is thinking him Mohan. Doctor asks him to help her else she can die. Papa ji thinks what is this joke. Mallika again calls Vinod and calls him Mohan Pyaare. She asks him to come closer to her. Vinod refuses, but Sonu and others ask him to help Mallika.

Mallika asks who are they? Bunno introduces himself. Mallika says you have fulfilled your promise and says this is my to be sasural. She asks Anju to bless her. Anju says she lost her memory, but not her values. Mallika calls Pita shri to Manohar Papa ji, but he asks her not to come near him. She runs after him and pretends to faint. Vinod gets tensed. Sonu goes to room and is upset. Vinod holds himself responsible as Sonu feels guilty. Dadi says we have to help Mallika and take care of her. Kanno says if you spend time with her then she can get back her memory. Sonu asks Vinod to help her. Vinod says I will do penance. Mallika smiles and thinks Radha will get him if not Mallika. Vinod thinks I have to become Mohan. Mallika thinks real game starts now. Mallika asks Sonu to tell something about Mohan’s childhood incident.

Sonu tells that Mohan used to talk differently in childhood. Mallika asks him to tell else pretends to faint. Vinod tells the lines. Mallika laughs and asks Vinod to tell when and where did they meet for the first time. Vinod is hesitant. Mallika asks him to tell and then says I will tell Sonu. She tells that four goons were after her. She ran and fell down. She says I saw Mohan standing and hugged him, I asked him to beat the goons. She asks him to say how he beaten the goons. Vinod tells that he had beaten them. Mallika hugs him and says I love you. She says tomorrow is our anniversary and asks him to play flute and says she will dance like Radha. Vinod is shocked.

Vinod plays flute. Sonu looks at him. Mallika comes running to him and hugs him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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