Har Mard Ka Dard 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Vinod asking Monty to move from his place. Monty asks Kanno to come and says he will drop her. Kanno goes. Sonu comes and shows her scarf to Vinod, says she has to go for shopping. Vinod asks do you need money? Sonu says who uses money for shopping and says she has his credit card with her. Vinod gets tensed. His dad asks who takes wife to Shimla now a days. Anju comes and makes him wear monkey cap and says I brought this for your papa thinking he will take me to cold place, but he never took me anywhere. Vinod asks for coffee. Dadi comes and shows imperial hotel address to Vinod and says his Dada took her there. Vinod is shocked to know about the price of hotel. Sonu asks Vinod to ask leave from Taneja with strict tone. Vinod says okay and asks God to save him. He reaches

college. Sonu calls him. He says he didn’t meet Mr. Taneja till now.

Vinod’s students tries to flirt with him. He asks them to do well in exams. A girl Ishani stops his way and asks him to show love film. Vinod says he needs to meet Taneja first. Ishani says talk to dad later, and asks him to teach love as her friend sweety wants to propose someone. Vinod says I can’t teach it. Taneja comes and asks Vinod if he will not teach students outside class. Vinod says no. He gets Sonu’s class. She pesters him to ask for leave and tells Principal that he wants to take his wife to Shimla. She asks him to tell Principal. Vinod turns to Taneja and tells him that he needs leave as he wants to take his wife to Shimla. Everyone looks on.

Taneja asks Vinod if he thought college as hanuman temple where he comes sometimes. He says today my daughter asked you teach something, and you refused. Vinod says I have to surprise my wife and take her to Shimla on her birthday. Taneja asks him to go to hell. Vinod thanks him and says he will meet him later after coming back from Shimla.

Kanno asks Sonu not to turn and look back as Jyoti, her friend is coming. Sonu says copy cat….Kanno says this time you have copied her and says we shall go inside. They are about to go inside, but Jyoti stops her and asks why she is wearing same dress as hers. She says she brought it from a designer shop. Sonu says she thought that the dress is a single piece. Jyoti says she is going on an exotic holiday with her husband. Sonu says she is also going. Jyoti says you might be going to Shimla or Vaishnov temple. Sonu is shocked. Jyoti makes fun of couple going to Shimla, and asks where you are going? Sonu says it is a surprise. Jyoti leaves asking her to send pics. Kanno tells Sonu that if pics are uploaded on networking site, then everyone will make fun of her. Sonu is worried. Vinod comes in a taxi and asks Monty to call his bhabhi. Papa ji asks him to check car’s tyre and wife’s mood. Driver tells that car’s tyre is punctured and asks him to talk to his wife.

Sonu tells Vinod that she don’t want to go to Shimla and will go to Goa, Kerala, Jaipur, Mumbai etc…Vinod says you have planned next holiday, says we will not go to Shimla next time. Sonu says I don’t want to go to shimla this time. Vinod says everyone is watching us, and asks her not to refuse. He gets upset. Dadi and Anju ask Vinod what happened? Monty asks Vinod to give his muffler. Vinod gives it. Sonu says we will go to Kerala. Kanno says it is a good place. Vinod asks if you are tourist guide of Kerala and asks her to go. He tells Sonu that 20000 advance is already given to hotel. Sonu asks him to take advance back. Vinod says whoever returns money. Sonu asks which intelligent person give 20000 advance. Vinod says who is married.

Driver says car is ready. Vinod asks him to take them to hospital as one of them have gone mad. He asks her to come to Shimla else….Sonu says you mean go to hell. Jyoti is going from there and asks Sonu to get prasad for her. Sonu says we are not going. Vinod tells Sonu that he has done advance booking and have used all his money. Sonu says you would have told me if you don’t want to go. Vinod says I am asking you for last time, if you wants to go to Shimla or not? Sonu says no and goes. Vinod tries to throws his stuff. His family say it is costly.

He comes to temple and asks God, why she made woman. He says what is my mistake? Sonu made me confused? He says I can’t figure out Sonu’s changing mood. He says why she don’t have practical thinking and says how can I fulfill all her wishes. He says all men have same pain, he can’t understand wife, and wife don’t make him understand her thinking. He says man’s work is to keep his wife happy. He then says sorry to Goddess and says you are also a woman and will take their side.

He sees Pandit ji standing and says even I have same problem. Few men hear him and says we all have same problem, only a magic can save us from our wives. Vinod turns to Goddess and says all men have same pain. He says I am ringing bell for last time and will not ring again. He rings temple bell and it comes back and hits on his head. Vinod faints and falls down.

He finds himself in apsara world and wonders where did he reach without taking flight. He laughs seeing Dev Lok. He hears Apsara’s voice and says she is his beautiful apsara. Vinod laughs seeing apsara wearing specs and says apsara is different in films. Apsara says even professor are like SRK, cool types and not like you. She says when you called God for help, I heard due to cross connection and thought to help you. Vinod asks how you will help me. Apsara shows the locket and says it will change your life. Vinod says it seems you have done online purchasing. Apsara says no…

Apsara says it is not ordinary locket, if you rub it then you will hear woman’s heart talk. Vinod asks really and says I can’t figure out if this is dream or reality, but this is every man’s dream. Apsara says you have won lottery and says you will understand all women now, it is all men’s pain now, but you got medicine for your pain. Vinod looks on happy and smiles. He takes the locket in his hand.

Sonu gets angry on Vinod. Vinod thinks what is going on in her mind. He rubs the locket and gets to know Sonu’s heart talk. Sonu doubts Vinod for having an affair. Vinod is happy to know her thoughts.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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