Har Mard Ka Dard 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mishra ji asking Vinod why did Taneja call them. Taneja informs them of the conference. Mishra ji says we can handle your chair until you returns. Taneja says someone will go to the conference to present our college. Mishra ji and Gulati get happy. Taneja says I have decided that Vinod will go and gives him flight ticket and also 5 star hotel tickets. Vinod thanks him. Gulati asks why did you call us. Taneja asks them to claps and asks Vinod to go and do arrangement. Gulati and Mishra ji ask Vinod why did Taneja choose you. Vinod tells that he is more competent and hardworking than them.

Sonu watches news on TV about plane crash and gets shocked. Vinod comes back home and tells Sonu and others that he is going to Lucknow for conference. Papa ji says what is

so good about it. Vinod says I am going by flight and college have made arrangements for his stay in 5 star hotel. Bunno asks him to show the ticket. Vinod shows the tickets. Sonu gets shocked. Vinod asks her to pack his bags. Sonu packs his clothes. Vinod says much luggage is not allowed. Sonu asks him to go by train. Vinod says I am going there for a day. Sonu thinks how to convince him. He asks why you want me to go by train. Sonu tells that family members feel concerned. She tries to discourage him to go by flight. He asks her to tell what is the matter. Sonu tells about the accident. Bunno comes and takes Vinod tshirt. Vinod says it is safe. Sonu asks him to go by train. Vinod asks her not to worry and says I will go and return safely. Sonu emotionally blackmails him. Vinod asks her not to cry. Sonu is adamant on her decision. Vinod is surprised and shocked.

Dadi tells that Chole Kulche is tasty. Vinod comes and have it. Bunno tells that these chole kulche is brought by his friend’s chacha while returning from Lucknow via train. He asks Vinod to go by train and drop Dadi on the way. Dadi says Bunno’s idea is good. Vinod says he is joking. Dadi gets emotional. He sees the address of the Kulche shop, which is in Patiala. Vinod holds Bunno’s ears and tells Sonu that her plan failed and that he will go by plane. Sonu says if you go by plane, then I will not talk to you.

Mishra ji asks Vinod if he will take tea. Gulati asks if your plan is cancelled. Vinod says he can’t travel by flight. Mishra ji says may be Bhabhi ji don’t think flight journey is safe. Vinod asks how do he know? Mishra ji says he knows. Vinod tells them that he will go by flight now. Mishra ji says you can’t stick to your decision infront of your wife’s power. Vinod thinks if she is a power, then he is a power house and knows how to convince her. Anju gives tea to Sonu and asks her not to trouble Vinod. Sonu returns the tea cup and tells that she is worried for him. Vinod comes back home and asks Sonu to listen to him. He says he has decided to go to Lucknow by train. Sonu smiles and hugs him.

Vinod is leaving. Anju is worried for him and gives him instructions about do’s and don’ts. Sonu says now you are worried and says it is a wonder. Papa ji tells Sonu that Vinod haven’t shown ticket to us. Sonu says Papa ji and I will come to drop you.

Sonu and Papa ji drop Vinod to railway station. Gulati and Mishra ji come home and inform that Vinod’s train met with an accident. Sonu and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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