Har Mard Ka Dard 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Mallika asking Vinod to hide in his chest and tells that she is very scared. She moves her magical hand sensually on his back. Apsara looks on worried while being captive. Mallika starts dancing with him while music is played in the background. Vinod imagines Sonu asking him divorce and pushes Mallika. He says no. Mallika again hugs him and thinks to catch ghost so that Mallika drama ends. He pretends to see the ghost and asks why you are troubling Mallika. Vinod’s family are standing out and hearing him fighting with the ghost. Vinod asks Mallika to move and says ghost is behind you. Mallika is shocked and sees Vinod going towards the bottle in which Apsara is captive. She gives him other bottle. Vinod acts as captured the ghost in it and comes out to show his family. He

asks Mallika to stay peacefully now and asks her to tell the mantra which he told to caught the ghost. Mallika smiles and understands his plan. Once they all go, Mallika gets angry and upset. Vinod tells the mantra.

Next day, Mallika is playing musical instrument. Apsara thinks she is playing big game and going to laid big trap for him. Mallika says if I tell you then you will get heart attack. She says nobody can think and says lets have masti and fun till then. She plays music again.

Sonu looks for Vinod. Vinod comes and holds her and says you are beautiful and I need you. He tells poetry and says he is thinking to romance with her. Sonu says you forgot your phone here and says there is Taneja’s 8 missed calls. Vinod checks his phone and goes to college.

Mallika comes home wearing light yellow saree. Bunno plays music. Mallika dances. He gets romantic. Mallika calls his name and slaps him to make him come out of trance. Bunno says he was making tune for her. Mallika laughs. She tells that she needs Vinod’s help and tells that fountain behind her house is not working. She asks Vinod to come. Vinod says sorry and says I am getting late for college. Mallika emotionally blackmails them and tells that her plants in her garden are drying up as the fountain is not working. Sonu asks Vinod to go. He thinks to find out if she is taking him for masti. He rubs the locket, and hears strange voice. He thinks what is this matter? He goes with her. Vinod asks where is the fountain and says he is getting late for college. Mallika laughs and makes the water come out from the fountain with her magic. They get drenched in water. Mallika sings the song Tap Tap Barsa Pani and tries to dance with him. Vinod falls in her trap and dances with her. He lifts her and is about to kiss her. Sonu comes there and is shocked. She shouts. Vinod comes out from her magical trap. Sonu is very much shocked.

Mallika wakes up in Vinod’s house and calls Mohan to Vinod and hugs him. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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