Har Mard Ka Dard 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Har Mard Ka Dard 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vinod telling Sonu if he wanted to have cigarette then he would have told her and says I believe you and no Pinky can break my trust. Sonu says Pinky must be lying and apologizes to him. Vinod hugs her. Sonu gets cigarette smell from his clothes and shares with everyone. She tells that her babies will be affected. Anju asks when did she give birth to baby. Sonu says she will have baby one day and tells that she is talking about the day. Anju says we shall confirm our doubt first. Dadi sees the symptoms of chain smoker. Kanno reads the symptoms. Dadi asks Sonu to stick to Vinod like a mobile cover and inform them if she sees any symptom.

Sonu knocks on the bathroom and asks Vinod if everything is fine. Vinod says yes. Sonu keeps eye on him and takes Vind’s pic while

he holds pen like cigarette. She smells his hand and thinks his lips will be darker later.

She asks him why he is not eating much. Vinod thinks he can’t tell that he had kachori with Mishra ji and tells that he is not feeling hungry. Sonu and others think he is hiding. Vinod hears Sonu’s thoughts and hears her saying that she will catch Vinod red handed.

In the office, Vinod tells Mishra ji that Sonu is doubting him since she got student’s cigarette pack in his pocket. Mishra ji tells that even he got cigarette smell and tells that it is perfume’s mistake. Gulati gives him other perfume to spray. Vinod says he will spray before going inside it. Sonu tells that they have to catch him. Vinod comes home. All the ladies of the house walk towards him. Vinod falls down. Anju asks why did you start smoking? Dadi asks why you are ending your data. He asks them to prove that he is a smoker and asks them to smell him. He coughs.

Kanno says 5th symptom. Dadi says he is coughing much. Doctor’s wife scolds him for having cigarette. Doctor asks God to send some patient. Sonu brings Vinod there. Doctor checks him and says he has not touched even a cigarette. Doctor’s wife comes and asks him to treat him. Doctor asks Vinod to let him do check up and says cigarette is in his body and prescribes medicines to him, and takes 500 Rs.

Vinod tells that he is fine and refuses to have medicine. Sonu says this is also a symptom. Sonu says what I will answer to your liver. Vinod takes the medicine. Sonu says you can’t leave for a week.

Sonu sees Vinod having cigarette in his mouth. She gets angry.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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