Har Dil Jo Pyaar Kare Ga Part 2 and 3


Hi guys it’s Kritika sorry friends for not posting my ff from so long but I was having exams due to which I didn’t get enough time to post my ff…. but don’t worry I will cover it u by posting long updates and from now on I will post regularly…. Sorry once again and thank you for your beautiful resonse lease shower your comments if you like it….
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Part 1:

Let’s begin with the 2nd and 3rd part:

(I m doing some changes sanky has already reached the college and he is playing holi and is fully covered in colors)

Here Ragini reaches the college and is amazed to see such a huge college where as she is also tensed thinking how will her maa and bua will pay the fees. Then she feels someone carrying her onto his arms.

Ragini: chodo chodo mujhe (leave I said leave me)
But the boy was not paying any heed to her.
The boy is Sanky.
Then sanky throws her into the ool full of colors.
Ragini was fully wet and in colors and her hairs was on her face.
She comes out of the pool and was covering her arms.
She give angry glares to Sanky where as he was smiling.

Screen shifts to the class room.
Everyone was busy doing something.

Someone was talking and gossiping someone was making paper planes someone was sleeping someone was singing and someone was studying.
Ragini was studying and Sanky was singing trying to disturb her.

Just then the lecturer comes and everyone became silent.

Lecturer: well hello students

Students: hello

Lecturer: well I am seeing some (indicating towards sasha nisar and sanky) old faces and some (indicating towards Ragini and Swara) new faces so today is the orientation day so nothing special just one quick question what are the two different type of Economy?

(Here guys I just made an imaginary question I don’t know whether it’s correct or not)

Sanskaar raise his hand.
Lecturer: yes sanskaar speak.
Sanskaar: imm hum main nhi bulke yeh (Indicating towards Ragini) imm hum not me but she
Lecturer: well Ragini.
Ragini stand u and was rubbing her fingers and was looking here and there.
Lecturer: don’t get nervous Ragini.
Ragini: well sir India’s economy’s have two kinds of people. Rich and Poor. Rich people think that if they are rich they can do anything with the poor peole torture them and many more. But the poor people can’t do anything as they are poor and if they try to protest they are more humiliated just because they are oor the rich eole think that if they are rich they can carry poor and throw them in the pool and disturb them. ( she was indicating Sanky)
Sasha and niosar and sanky got shocked.

Sanky immediately stands.
Sanky: hey tum miss akadu main ne poure 23 logon ko ool main heka unko koi problem nhi toh tumhe kiya keeda kaat rha hai. ( I throw about 23 people in the pool if they don’t have any problem and then why are u …)

Lecturer understood: bass now diserse.

The entire student gets out of the class and Ragini also takes Swara hand and leaves.
Sanky follow her he holds her arm while she looks other way.
Sanky: hey miss akadu koi bhi ek sawal oocho agar tumharo samrtness nhi gayab kit oh ( ask any question and if you smartness)
Ragini: 1 litre petrol ki kiya keemat hai. (what is the price of 1 litre petrol?)
Sanky got numb cause he don’t know the ans.

And she leaves.

Sasha: well sanky iss miss akadu ne toh tujhe chup kara diya
Sanky got Angry.

Epi Ends

PRECAP: Sanky: 1 litre petrol ki keemt hai 110 rupe.
Ragini: if we calculate the value of mass then what is the density?

Hey guys I can post only this much longer. For more longer updates you have too wait till Sunday. And what you want Irregular long updates or Regular short updates.

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