Happy Women’s Day..A kind request to all men…


Its just a short story dedicated to all men on this women’s day.
She got late at office that day and she had to go home alone.
She started walking towards the auto stand But it was too late, she had to wait for an auto.
She felt like someone was following her she turned back and ‘Bhoo’ he said.

She got scared and he laughed out loud. Her office colleague it was.
“I’m here because I can’t let you walk alone towards the auto stand and don’t worry I’ll b with you till you get an auto.
You are my responsibility”he said. After ten minutes of wait, An auto came but no passenger was in there. She knew that this could probably be the last auto to pass by.

She looked in an uncomfortable manner At th auto driver.

“Don’t worry sister, I’ll drop you at your home safely.
You are my responsibility”the auto driver said. She sat in. Her home was in a dark lane, she had to walk almost five minutes in the lane to reach her home.

She entered the lane and a mid-aged man was smoking and looking at her.

It was a neighbour. He threw the cigarette and said “Come i’ll walk with you till you reach home. Don’t worry beti you are like my daughter only.
You are my responsibility”
The girl finally reached home safely. Everytime i gave a pause in the write up, you must have felt that something wrong will happen.

This fear is what our society has given us.
It will no longer have an existance if every man be like that office colleague or the auto driver or the neighbour.

Dear men, like your sister, mother and wife are your responsibilities, ‘She’ is your responsibility too.

Understand if you can. Share the message If it’s worth it.

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Credit to: Women

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    1. Hello..nice..wow it’d amazing..can you all check out new fan fiction “music sheet” please ??

  1. Proud to be a women

  2. Wow it’s great wish every men on earth would be like them Plus u r so very much right about that pause thing . I was like o God don’t let anything happen to her
    All in all good work :-))

  3. awesome… I wonder when will the time come when we never get that fear 🙁

  4. Beautiful…

  5. Chanceless admin.. great 🙂

  6. Speechless well done?

  7. Really superb and everyman should take those three men as their inspiration,then we can see a developed country than developing country…..really well done….??

  8. Well written ! Happy woman’s day to all !!

  9. Great story. Wish it could happen in reality. Thanks for sharing.

  10. it’s great I hope all man will be like them one day..and we can happily lead pur life

  11. In this international women’s day,all the people from all over the world should feel this message…that a woman is the POWER of the world,not any weak point FROM ANY CORNER…?❇✳?

  12. hey dear , loved the story and HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY….

  13. Thanks everyone for reading it….
    And for supporting it.

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

      oh so u r the author? hi i m wellwisher……… ur msg s awesome…….. proud to be girl……..

      1. Yes wellwisher,I posted it..yesterday mrng onwards I was thinking that I wanna do something on this womens day.So I did it.Hope you all are supporting me….

  14. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    superb……….. may i know who this woman is……. whoever u r, i m sure u r a brave women n proud to be woman……… same here………… wish all men read this…….. HATS OFF TO U DEAR……

  15. Superb….? it was really awesome, and I wish all men were like this.
    Proud to be a girl!!!
    And Angella, this is such an awesome piece of writing, really loved it!?

  16. Wow.. Well written… Wish to see such a society where all women are safe…..

  17. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Well said ! and Happy Women’s Day !

  18. Wahooooo great………supber dear……I hope all the men become like this……really all the men should read it …..and give respect to all women

  19. Great Angella… Superb… Hats off to you… l’m really really PROUD TO BE A WOMEN… l wish every men become like this..

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