happy and unique lv of twinj (Episode 4) DAMN ROMANTIC

Scene 1
At road
At sarnuthra mansion(sarna + luthra)
T: Mrs twinkle kunj srna lv these types of surprises.all out hale a breath
Kunj in mind: I vil see u at ni8
Babee pullz her ears
Babee:it’s OK. Now evry1 I’m v.tired plz let’s sleep and let new couples enjoy and 1 more thing dolly neha sunny u sleep in this mansion cherry show them rooms and no argues OK all nod in yes
Twinkle in mind kunj vil totally not frgv me easily

Scene 2
In TWINJ room
Twinkle cmz out of washroom wearing a red deep (not much) nech short mighty which end 4 inches above her knees with 0.5cm widthy srips of dress over her shoulder wearing a cottony black open at front simple goqn black roses design over it and open hair and sees kunj in balcony. She goes and places her hand on his shoulder he jerks away and looks at her angrily

Scene 3
In Yuki room
chinki cmz out wearng the same like twinkle yuvi was roaming here and there waiting fr chinki
Yuvi: y u girlz take so much time
Chunki : not soo much only 15 mins
Yuvi: and got ready so s*xy and of course chinki blushes yuvi cmz near her she steps back and finally she faces back of washro door and she she took and another step the door opens both gets slip due to misbalance and got into bathtub yuvi moves his hand near and chinki’s neck and opens the shower both gets drenched finally they kiss and hug each other tightly during kiss

Scene 4
In corridor
Cherry drop both sunny and dolly in their rooms and their doors were opposite to eachother

Scene 5
In Yuki’s bathroom + room
uvi picks her and places her on bed with himself on top wraping blanket over them and consummating their relationship.

Scene 6
In corridor
Cherry drops neha in her room
And she left. Neha smiles and was about to open the door when sm1 hugged her from back. Scary tune plays

Scene 7
In TWINJ room
He eyes her angrily. Kunj angrily pins her to a wall hardly a tear drops from twinkle’s left eyes and she inhaled a breath their lips were only 0.7 cm away
Kunj: if u hv dn smthng I would hv(he shouted)…… ..don’t know wt I had dn wth u(in a little low tune)… How could scare us badly?(he asks this interrogative que in questioning and low tune)
A tear drop falls from twinkle’s right eye. She hugs him tightly saying sory he doesn’t responds her hug

Scene 8
In corridor
Before neha shouts a person places his hand on her mouth lights goes off

Scene 9
In TWINJ room
Kunj jerks her and again pins her to the wall

Scene 10
In Yuki
Chinki gets up in sitting position with blanket all over her saying lights gone off
Yuvi:oh cm on its OK baby and both pushes their selves backwardz

Scene 11
In corridor
Neha feels a fimiliar touch removes the handz and says cherry while cherry has turned his on another side
Neha:wt happened y r u turning on another side
Cherry: I thought u vil slap me
Neha: stupid and she hugs her
Chery: gd ni8
Neha: gd ni8 Mr. Fool
Chery: but…. Neha closes the door and cherry hears her laughing and says now my sleep vil peaceful hearing ur laugh
Neha listens this and a grin cmz on her face

Scene 12
In TWINJ room
Kunj watches her from bottom to top and compliments hot and s*xy a grin cmz on twinkle’s face with confuesd look
Kunj:not now
Twinkle tries to speak but kunj kisses him hard .twinkle undrstndz that he vil be angry tomorrow kiss goes harder and more harder kiss goes harder and wild while kissing kunj places his handz on her shoulder and pushes the gown down and it falls down twinkle was placing her hand on kunj’s neck and kunj was placing his hands on twinkle’s waist kunj picks her and places her on bed with top himself on eyeing her with mixed emotions of anger and naughtiness. They consummate their marriage

First rasoi. A New entry a twist n turn

How was it guyz my grnd father was not well so I was taking care of him so I could not updi8

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