happy and unique lv of twinj (Episode 3)

Scene 1
At road
All argues while babee smirks. Neha and dolly cmz running every1 gets shocked seeing their states.
Kunj:wt happened neha dolly look at ur states at happened
Neha:just follow us.
Dolly: we have to much short follow us hurry up
All tries to speak but they ran. Babee smirked. Twinkle thinks babee is behind all this

Scene 2
At a main road
There was so much dark that people couldn’t see each other faces. Dolly and neha stopped there. Surjeet touched a wall and got an electric shock
Surjeet:aaaahhhh(he shouted)

Uvi: dad at happened
Neha: I think he touched the switch(she whispered in Dolly’s ear)
Dolly caught babee’s hand along with neha’s and took them a side neha turns on a light and trio says SURPRISE
Every1 was surprised
It was a big mansion decorated with flowers,balloons and lights all over here it has large windows and has two bbbiiigggg glass doors
Babee: do u like it twinkle

Twinkle: no
Every1 gets shocked while kunj gets angry
Twinkle goes near babee and says do u think I vil like now undrstnd y were u smirking so that u can realize smthng bad u hv done
Babee nods in yes
Twinkle: but u know twinkle taneja ohh story sory sory sory sory sory sory because I’m not twinkle I’m Mrs twinkle kunj sarna and Mrs twinkle kunj sarna doesn’t like these types of surprises.
Every1 was was in anger and kunj’s rage was going to flow out. He was going to shout twinkle but then….

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