happy and unique lv of twinj (Episode 2)

Thank u galz fr ur lvly cmnts THNK U sooooo much. I missed u galz soooo much that I couldn’t tell all ff writers r awesome but I liked a ff twink a three slot ff it was think avantika fr such an ff.
Scene 1
All shouts and says BABEE. All hugs her
Babee: plz don’t hug me soon tightly I vil get crushed. All laughs
Twinj and yuki: I vil not talk with u
Twinj and yuki:cuz u didn’t attend the marriage
Babee signals sm1 to go & do the work. Twinkle gets to thinking that at is she doing I HV to find the
Babee: so wts my punishment

Twinkle: u hv to ur blessing to us
First babee hesistates and looks around but gives them happily
Usha: let’s go to ur houses

Babee: y so hurriedly let’s talk smthng
Usha tries to talk but surjeet gets a call and tell in babee’s ear that work is done
Twinkle doubts babee fr smthng bad
Uvi: babee I’m tired I want sleep
Babee: uvi puttar I know that u r eagerly waiting fr suhagrat but have patience puttar. Chinki blushes
Kunj: chinki don’t u think sm1 is blessing
Twinkle: babee don’t u think sm 1 has to eat a punch from his wife to fr teasing her bf
All argues while babee smirks

Fun and romance

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  1. Sory fr so mis

  2. nice epi keira…..keep updating but plzz don’t make bebe’s character negative

  3. Oohhoo so sorry I thought bebee is smirking so what I told u not to make bebee negative….

  4. Please bebe ko negative mat show karo she is my lady

  5. Awesome
    Keep going ❤

  6. Thnk u galz fr ur lvly cmmts

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