happy and unique lv of twinj (Episode 1)

Hiiiiii galz ur KEIRA backkkk.first of all I would like to sl*te all ff writers of tashan e isq piya rangrezz swaragini and qubool hai (cuz I only read these)and tell me who has watched full serial of PHIR BHI NA MANE BATMEEZ DIL. If yes plz give a brief summary plz plz plz plz and yes i wnt a welcome back party for me of cmnts okay. So lets get started
Scene 1

Dolly went on terrace to meet sunny. The marriage hall was full of rose,pink,white flowers there was so much flowers those flowers cover 10 inches of Walls with all the floor. When neha saw dolly going towards so she headed towardz out of hall. Suddenly she bumped into a running person and due to misbalance they fall and rolled over each other 5 times Awara from alone plays(only main part)and had a eyelock neha came to sense and stood up and forwardz his hand towardz the guy to help him. He took her hand neha pulled him so that she can help her but unintentionally and accidently they got hugged both were surprised
Shaitaaniyan plays
Shab ki baahoon mein soo jaaye subha

Khaboon ko tere plkon pe soon sja
Gunjee sansoon mein Teri hi SDA
Mein lfz teraaa tu hai meri zubaan
Shaitaaniyan….raat bhar
Kr le AAA toot kr
Badmashiyan….RAAF bhar kr le aa toot kr
Both cm to senses and composes their selves and said sorry at Same time and its okay at same time too.the guy forward his hand I’m cherry sarna
Neha and forward her hand:I’m neha u must be cousin of kunj and uvi or else I say of grooms a grin on boths face

Cherry:yeah iam and u must be the bf of bridges right
Neha: oh hello they r not bridges they r brides chinki and twinkle
And they cntnud fr a while and became gd frndz and then said she and dolly has to reach to rooms of groomz before them and waved him bye when neha reached at the exit she turned back and saw cheery both again waved bye
Scene 2
At terrace sunny and dolly were on date settled by sunny they were having a eyelock and neha came
Neha: ahammmm
Neha:dolly do u remmbr we have to go smwhere
Dolly:( still looking in sunny’s eyes)where
Neha:at surprised mansion

Dolly: WHAT???????(she shouted)
Cuz of sudden voice sunny fell from chairneha laughed dolly hurriedly kissed on corner of lips of sunny and said bye baby I vil meet u tomorrow
Neha: I’m here
Dolly:I forgot
At road when barrat cmng back to their house they sm people cmng out of jeep
Every1 was shocked them
Lady:forgot us….so easily but we didn’t forgot u

Screen freezez on shocked of barrat and that Lady

Whole fily pulling legs of grooms and brides. Fun,filmy scenes &&&&&&& ROMANCE

Guyz I vil try to post next part today and tell me who missed me and what do u after reading my cmnt

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  1. awesome one keira….love u loads…..keep writing……keep smiling!!

    1. A big thnkx…I lv u 2…ok…thnk u again

  2. very nice keira and i miss you .to much exited to see the next episode.btw what’s the meaning of the precap

    1. Actually a bbbiiigggg thanks and precap is whole family teasing yuki and TWINJ fun filmy scenes and romance

  3. nice epi keira….awesome !

    1. THANX naira khan a big 1

  4. Ohh so finally after long time u r back.. was waiting for ur ff its awesome..

    1. Yeah…a big thnk u

  5. Hey keira actually I am new here and I was a silent reader but your ff is so nice and awesome?

    1. A big thanks for breaking ur silence and fr cmntng

  6. Kiera what a nice episode it spectacular….

  7. I’m feeling proud that u cmntd thnku

  8. awesome episode keira

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