The episode starts with Narad coming to Kilash. He greets Mahadev and Devi Parvati

Narad: Mahadev the auspicious day has come it is Lord Ram and Devi Sita’s haldi ceremony today aren’t you going to attend it?

Mahadev: I’ll attend the wedding for sure this is just haldi ceremony let it go

Narad: You are saying right Prabhu

Devi: Swami you are saying this? I can’t believe that you are saying these words. How can you ever say this?

Mahadev: What did I say wrong Devi?

Devi: Prabhu this isn’t just a normal haldi ceremony. This wedding is equally divine as the wedding of Adi Lakshmi and Narayan so are the pre wedding rituals. Moreover Prabhu Narayan is my brother how can I not attend his haldi ceremony?

Narad: Even Devi is saying right.

Mahadev looks at him and smiles.

Mahadev: OK then let’s go attend the divine ceremony

Devi: No Swami from now our paths are different you will join the groom’s possession and I will join the bride’s.

Mahadev: But Devi you said you are going to your bother’s wedding…

Devi: Prabhu I’m already with my brother in the form of Shanta so now I wish to spend some time with my sister-in-law. [She leaves Mahadev and Narad look on]

In Mithila sisters get Sita to the hall were haldi ceremony is held. Sunnaina and Chandhrabaga look at her and smile.

Devi Kathyayani: The shubh muhurth has come. Rani Sunnaina go ahead and start the haldi ceremony.

Sunnaina nods and goes ahead. She sits in front of Sita and applies haldi to her. Sita smiles. Chandhrabaga comes next one by one the ladies apply haldi to Sita. Suddenly they hear a voice saying HARA HARA MAHADEVA everyone turn back and find a lady standing with haldi bowl in her hands. Eight ladies enter the hall following her. Each having a haldi bowl in hands. Everyone look on. Sunnaina goes forward and greets them

Sunnaina: Welcome Devi sorry but… I can’t recognize you

The lady: Devi everyone calls me Gouri. We haven’t met before. I live in the Himalayas chanting Mahadev’s name which is the sole motive of my being. I heard that the haldi ceremony of princess Sita is being held and came here to take part in it.

Sunnaina [smiling]: It’s a pleasure having you all here please do come.

Devi Gouri nods The other ladies mix a portion of haldi from their bowl in Devi Gouri’s bowl. She steps forward and applies haldi to Sita. Sita recognizes her and touches her feet. She blesses her and leaves.

[In Kilash] Narad: Devi has applied haldi to Devi Sita in her Navasakthi Roop. In what form are you going to take part prabhu? Surely you will not go in this form will you?

Mahadev smiles and leaves without saying anything.

In ram’s haldi ceremony

Vasisht: Arundhati the auspicious muhurth has come start the ritual.

Arundhati nods and starts the ritual she applies haldi to ram and blesses him. Shantha applies haldi to her brother and smiles Everyone look on and smile. Everyone apply haldi to their dearest prince Ram. Suddenly a pigeon comes flying from somewhere. Ram sees it and smiles as he finds out that it is none other than Mahadev himself. The pigeon sits on the haldi bowl first and then sits on Ram the haldi in its legs get applied on his shoulders. Everyone look on shocked and the pigeon flies away.

Vasisht: Not only us even birds and animals want to take part in Siya Ram haldi ceremony.

Everyone get relaxed and smile. The haldi ceremony continues happily.

In Kilash Mahadev comes to Narad

Narad: Prabhu your leela was wonderful no one recognized you.

Mahadev: Except Prabhu Shri Ram

Narad: What! Did Prabhu recognize you?

Mahadev nods yes. Devi Parvati joins them.

Devi: Devarishi aren’t you going to attend the haldi ceremony?

Narad: No Devi the time has not come for me to attend the wedding yet. I will take part in it when Prabhu Narayan wants me to.

Mahadev and Devi nod and smile

Precap: Narad attends the wedding. The three other wedding proposals. Sita and ram wait for someone special.

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