The episode starts with Dhashrath’s military geneal and Sathanand going to the guest palace.

Sunnaina’s brother: clay pots! For Maharaj Dhashrath??? He is Ayodhya’s king he will use only gold vessels.

Sathanand: Sorry we didn’t know about this. Give us time I will arrange it. We don’t use gold vessels in Mithila so…

Vijay{Dhashrath’s military general}: No need Sathanand ji we always have Maharaj’s things and requirements ready and take carry wherever he go.

The servants from Ayodhya start making changes in the guest palace when they are stopped by the ordering tone of Dhashrath to stop

Dashrath: Senathipathi what’s all this happening here?

Vijay: Maharaj we are making changes to the palace for your convenience. It will be done very soon.

Dhashrath: I would have been happy if it came to your mind to ask me once before making these changes.

Vijay: Pardon me Maharaj

Dhashrath: You may leave

[Vijay leaves]

Dhashrath {to Janak} : I apologize for the act of my servants Maharaj they did not know that Mithila’s greatness lies in its simplicity

Janak: no Maharaj you don’t have to apologize they did it because of the love and respect they have for you.

Sunnaina comes and signals Janak about Sita

Janak: Maharaj when will you meet our daughter Sita?

Dhashrath: Forgive me Maharaj as per Ayodhya’s family traditions I cannot meet Sita until wedding day.

Janak: sorry Maharaj we are not aware of the family traditions of Ayodhya.

Dhashrath: There is another family tradition too the grooms mothers will not take part in the wedding.

Sunnaina gets shocked. She leaves from there and informs Sita and others about the traditions of Ayodhya.

The next morning everyone is gathered to get shubh muhurth for the divine wedding.

Yagnyavalkya: Shall we start the rituals?

Vasisht: What are you waiting for? Start the rituals soon.

[Yagnyavalkya sees the birth kundils and says this is the first time I have seen the birth kuntils matching so perfectly. Sunnaina’s brother says that all the 36 qualities matching for a wedding is a bad sign. Ram explains them about marriage. They agree and say ram is best match for Sita.]

Sathanand: With everyone’s permission I would like to make Urmila as the vidhikari of ram Sita’s wedding

Lakshman: vidhikari???

Janak: In Mithila women play a vital role in the wedding the woman who is appointed as vidhikari will make sure every ritual is done as per the tradition without any fail. Vidhikaris will be from both bride and grooms sid’e. But Maharaj if the queens will not take part in the wedding then who will be the vidhikari of groom’s side?

[I will they heard a voice say and they all turned back to see and there standing was Shantha with a broad smile on her face]

Shantha comes forward and greets Janak and everyone present there. She touches Dhashrath’s feet. He blesses her.

Ram comes and touches her feet. She blesses him.

Shantha {to Janak}: Pita shri you don’t have to worry this is my brothers wedding and it is my right to become vidhikari isn’t it?

Janak {smiling}: Yes putri it is

Sathanand: From now on Devi Shantha will perform the duties of vidhikari of groom’s side in this wedding. And it is the duty of Rajkumari Urmila and Devi shantha together to make sure that every ritual is done perfectly without any fail

Urmila and Shantha fold hands and accept the privilege. Everyone smile

Precap: Who will do the rituals that are to be done by groom’s mother?

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    Yagnayavalkya: the marriage will be held after 15 days. We request all devtas to attend the wedding and bless the couple

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