The episode starts with Dhashrath arriving in Mithila and Janak and Sunnaina waiting to welcome him.

Janak seeks blessings from Vasisht. He blesses him

Janak: Welcome Maharaj. I’m glad to welcome you and your people here.

Dhashrath: I’m glad to meet you too Maharaj

Janak: The entire Mithila is very happy that you accepted the proposal. It’s our good luck that our daughter is going to be the kul vadhu of the great Raghu clan.

Dhashrath: Ayodhya is also glad for the marriage Maharaj. The people are celebrating like never before. And its our good luck that we are getting related to Mithila. This is the land of great wisdom, love and peace.

Sunnaina: [murmuring] Where are the three queens? They can’t be seen anywhere

Sunnaina’s brother: They are queens of Ayodhya. They won’t come to such small Rajya like Mithila. Better you give the plate to Janak. You cannot do thilak to him.

[Sunnaina gives the plate to Janak and he does the thilak]

Dhashrath: Maharaj I want to see the holy Shiva dhanush that ram strung on swaymwar day.

Janak: Sure Maharaj. It’s in the lord Shiva temple. Let’s go

[They both leave with Vasisht Bharath and Shathrughan. Sunnaina rushes to get Sita ready to meet her father-in-law] [In Sita’s room Urmila Mandavi and Shruthakeerthi come in taking dresses and jewels to get Sita ready]

Urmila: Didi Maa asked us to get you ready as you will have to meet Maharaj Dhashrath today.

Mandavi: Didi choose the dress and jewels you want to wear from these.

Sita: Shruthakeerthi please help me in choosing dear your choices and advises are really very good.

Shruthakeerthi chooses a white and blue silk dress for Sita and some matching jewels. The sisters get her ready

Urmila: I’m pretty sure that If prince ram sees our Sita now wont take his eyes off her

Sita blushes

Urmila: Look girls she’s blushing just hearing prince Ram’s name

Mandavi and Shruthakeerthi laugh. Sita gets shy

Sita [pleading]: No Urmila please don’t

They laugh again. Suddenly Shruthakeerthi gets teary eyed

Sita [rushing to her]: What happened Shruthakeerthi? Why are you crying?

Shruthakeerthi: Didi soon you will be going to Ayodhya then whom will we play with? Who will we turn to for support after you leave for Ayodhya

Mandavi: Didi who will stop the endless silly fights which I and Urmila have all day? Who will get us ready on our birthday or on any special occasion when you are not here?

Urmila did not speak anything but Sita could understand what she was going through because she herself was going through the same pain, the pain of loosing her soul mate. Urmila ran to her sister and into her stretched arms so did the other two. The sisters share a very emotional hug.

Precap: Pre-wedding rituals and an unexpected arrival

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  1. Thanmathi Akka beautifully written.
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    Goodbye and farewell akka. Will keep in touch through mail.

    1. Sure sanju vl keep in touch dear

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    Hi tanu dearie… it is superb… waiting for next part…

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