Recap: Dhashrath is informed of ram’s victory in the swayamwar everyone is happy Bharat and Shatrughan have made arrangements for their Bros wedding as well as their journey.

Bharat: Pitaji we have made arrangements for our journey towards Mithila

Dhashrath: You have done a great job son. I know this wedding arrangements will be the best ever in this world as you have made it for your Ram bhaiya.

In the guest palace Mantra is serving food to the messenger.

Mantra : I have heard a lot about Siya but is it true that she’s not Janak’s own daughter?

Messenger: Devi it is true that she is not Janak’s daughter. She is the daughter of entire Mithila she is Bhoomija. The people of Mithila consider her their own daughter. She is our life and everything for us.

Mantra: Oh I didn’t know that she is that much important for you anyways do eat well now.[ she leaves]

In Rajya Saba
Dhashrath: Sumantra ji we will be leaving tomorrow for Mithila before that we have to do pooja in the temple so make necessary arrangement.

Sumantra: Ji Maharaj

(Later the same day Sumantra sends message of Dhashrath journey to Mithila and orders the messenger to get it to Mithila at the earliest.)

In the morning Dhashrath does pooja in temple Kaushalya Kikeyi and Sumithra are with him. Kaushalya does Dhashrath’s aarti

Kaushalya: Have a shubh yatra Maharaj. Bring our kul vadhu and sons here soon.

Dhashrath: Kaushalya I know you are longing to see your son and kul vadhu. But you have to wait until the marriage is over. They all smile. The journey starts

Two days later the messenger reaches Mithila and goes to the saba

Messenger: Maharaj Janak ki jai I am here to give the message that Ayodhyadipathi Maharaj Dhashrath has started his journey towards Mithila to attend the wedding.

(Janak gets glad. Urmila overhears it. She runs to say this to Siya. She collides with Mandavi in the corner the flowers Mandavi had in her hands falls down)

Mandavi: Can’t you see I’m coming? I spent an hour in the garden plucking the best flowers there. Now how will I make garlands for the pooja?

Urmila: Rakshashi I don’t have time to fight with you now. I have to tell Siya didi something

Mandavi: What is it? Tell me.

(Urmila runs again Mandavi chases her asking her to stop. Urmila stops on reaching Siya’s room)

Urmila: Didi… Didi…

Siya: What happened Urmila? Why are you excited this much?

Urmila: Didi Maharaj Dhashrath has started his journey towards Mithila.

Siya: How do you know this?

Urmila: A messenger has come from Ayodhya he is talking to pitaji now

(In the ashram )

Lakshman: Bhaiya… Bhaiya…

Ram: What happened Lakshman?

Lakshman: Bhaiya pitaji has started his journey towards Mithila.

( Ram gets glad hearing it. He smiles)

Precap: Dhashrath arrives at Mithila

Author’s note: it’s been nearly 2 months since I gave the last update of this fanfic so here I give the links of all previous parts.



( it’s part 3 only just a careless mistake by me)


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