Hi guys sorry its been a long time since I gave my last update of my ff I will try my best to do it regularly. Hearty welcome to all new comers. I used to read all ffs and analyses but never commented on them sorry 4 that 2 all are awesome

Vanshu all ur ffs r superb

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Dhashrath goes to Vasisht ashram. A boy informs Vasisht of his arrival. Vasisht comes there Dhashrath gets his blessings

Vasisht: Dhashrath what happened?

Dhashrath: Gurudev I came here to ask for a shubh muhurth to start journey towards Mithila

Vasisht: We’ll start our journey after 2 days

Dhashrath gets glad and returns to the palace happily he informs to his queens and others about the shubh muhurth Vasisht gave all get glad

Sumithra: Congratulations didi our ram is getting married

Kaushalya and kikeyi: Congratulations to you too Sumithra

Dhashrath: What’s this won’t you congratulate me?

They all laugh. Suddenly Sumithra stops laughing

Kaushalya: What happened Sumithra?

Sumithra: Nothing didi It’s just that we can’t attend our Ram’s weeding because of our kul’s traditions

Kaushalya and Kikeyi get sad Dhashrath says that he has a surprise for them Kikeyi asks what is that.

Dhahrath: No I won’t say now you have to wait for some time. Where are Bharath and Shathrughan?

Sumithra: They are making arrangements for their Ram Bhaiya’s wedding

Dhashrath They love their Ram bhaiya more than any of us

Bharath and Shathrughan comes in and says that the arrangements are over and they’ve made arrangements for our journey too

Precap: Dhashrath does pooja in temple. A messenger comes and informs Janak that maharaj Dhashrath has started his journey towards Mithila

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