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The messenger reaches Ayodhya . A servant informs maharaj Dhashrath about his arrival Dhashrath signals to send him in .The messenger comes in and greets Dhashrath .

Messenger: Maharaj Dhashrath ki jai. Maharaj Raja Janak has sent you an important letter

Dhashrath nods Sumantra reads the letter

Sumantra: Janak’s greetings to Maharaj Dhashrath. I’m so happy to tell you that Ayodhya’s yuvraj Sri Ram won the swayamwar by fulfilling the condition and hence is a perfect life partner for Sita I request you to come and take part in the wedding and accept Sita as your kul vadhu by Raja Janak

(Dhashrath gets glad hearing the news)

Dhashrath: Today Ram took raghukul’s prestige to its peak by winning the Swayamwar Sumantra make the arrangements for the messenger’s stay and make sure he feels comfortable.

Sumantra: Sure Maharaj if you allow me I will give this happy news to the people of Ayodhya

Dhashrath: Of course you can Sumantra .I’m leaving now I have to tell this happy news to Rani Kaushalya

(Dhashrath goes to Kaushalya’s room Sumithra is also there.)

Dhashrath: Kaushalya where are you?

Kaushalya: What happened Maharaj you seem to be too happy today?

Dhashrath: Kaushalya you know something Ram won in the Swayamwar conducted in Mithila

Kaushalya: I can’t believe it. Is it true Maharaj?

Sumithra: How did you know this Maharaj?

Dhashrath: A messenger came from Mithila with Maharaj Janak’s letter

Kaushalya: Our Ram is getting married I can’t believe it Sumithra

Sumithra: Even I can’t believe it Didi. Let’s celebrate it like never before.

Kaushalya: Haven’t you told this news to Kaikei yet?

Dhashrath: No Kaushalya I haven’t told her yet

Kaushalya: What have you done Maharaj ?Let me go and tell her

Sumithra: Didi I will come with you as well I want to see her reaction of when she hears this news

(They both go to Kaikei’s room and finds her in the corridor outside)

Kaushalya :Kaikei Ram is going to get married .He won in Mithila’s swayamwar. Our Ram is going to enter into marital life

(Kaikei gets glad. But suddenly she becomes worried and runs inside her room she locks it from inside .Sumithra and Kaushalya asks her to come out. She tells that she can’t)

Kaushalya: Why can’t you Kaikei please do come out

Sumithra: Didi please open the door tell us what happened.

Kaikei: Sumithra I’ve always dreamt of choosing Ram’s wife myself .I wanted her to be the best woman in the world. But today my dreams shattered right before my eyes. Ram is going to get married without even asking us.

Sumithra: No Didi Ram will never ignore you He is your Ram and he knows you better than any of us.

Kaushalya: Kaikei did you forget what Ram said on his birthday you both can understand each other without expressing your views and desires through words. I’m sure that you will like Sita as Ram himself has choose her to be his wife.

Sumithra: It seems you don’t believe your Ram anymore. Is your relation that much weak?

(Kaikei opens the door and goes straight to Maharaj Dhashrath without even speaking to Kaushalya and Sumithra)

Kaikei: Maharaj have you decided whether to accept the marriage proposal or not ?

Dhashrath: How can I decide anything without knowing what Ram’s dear Mom thinks about it?

Kaikei: Maharaj I believe My Ram and his decisions will always bring happiness to us moreover if Ram wants this marriage to happen then it will. I want him to be always happy.

(Dhashrath goes to Guru Vasisht and seeks his permission to accept the marriage proposal . Vasisht permits. Dhashrath sends a letter accepting the marriage proposal)

Note: I’m not trying to justify Kaikei .As I have told you before there will be no vanvaas in this ff so I don’t have any reason to show Kaikei as a cruel and heartless wicked woman sorry if I hurt anybody’s feelings. Sorry again for such a long update but I couldn’t help it. Hope you enjoyed reading and thanks for reading

Precap: Sita goes to the temple on the way she sees something and smiles

Credit to: Thanmathi

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