The episode starts with early dawn and everyone waiting in the river banks of Mithila. Ram comes there.

Sathanand: The groom has to take a holy dip in the river for a pre-wedding ritual.

Guru Vasisht nods approvingly and asks Ram to fulfill the ritual. Ram goes down the steps and into the river.

Yagnyavalkya: Maharaj Groom’s garments should come from the bride’s side

Janak: Yes Maharishi Urmila must be on the way

Yagnyavalkya nods

After some time as Urmila doesn’t reach there Janak sends Sathanand to check on her he returns after a while and says the princesses are on their way

On the way to the river

Urmila: Hurry up both of you its getting late. It is my duty to see to it that the garments reach there on time.

Mandavi: Urmila since you have been appointed as vidhikari you have become a slave driver can’t you see how fast we are walking?

Urmila: {retorting}: I want everything to be perfect in Sita didi’s wedding. I don’t care if I have to be a slave driver for that I’ll jolly well be one.

Mandavi: Yes yes I know that you want this wedding to be the best in the world even we want the same.

Shruthakeerthi: Didi will the groom like these things?

Mandavi: Why won’t he like it? I’ve made it with special care and I’m pretty sure that the groom will look fine in these clothing. You see if he…

But before she could finish she had bumped into someone. It didn’t take long for Mandavi to realize that the person she had bumped into is none other then prince Bharath of Ayodhya. Though they both were to blame Mandavi believed that it was his fault and not hers because she didn’t see him coming as she was talking to her sisters and the most surprising thing is that Bharath believed it to be the same as well.

Bharath {stammering}: Sorry I didn’t know that you were coming.

Mandavi {fiercely}: Does it make any difference? See what you have done, this clothing, I made it for the groom with special care but now because of you…

She stood looking hard at Bharath whilst he looked at her apologetically. Shathrughan who came there looking for his brother looked at Bharath and Mandavi and her two sisters standing behind her not knowing what to say. But alas for him he didn’t know what to say either. He and Shruthakeerthi exchanged worried glances. And at last Urmila decided that she should step in and put an end to this situation. She took the clothing which had fallen down and gave it to Mandavi and said keep it with other things didi we are getting late and you know we can’t keep everyone waiting for us for so long. So Mandavi took the clothing and gave it to Keerthi to be kept with other things. And giving Bharath a deadly stare she left

Mandavi {when Bharath and Shathrughan were out of sight}: See he did this for the second time and this time too he didn’t apologize.

Urmila: As far as I know you were both to blame if he has done wrong by not watching his way while walking you can be blamed for the same too. And let me remind you that he is groom’s brother and we will have to respect him. {Mandavi tries to retort} Do be quite now Mandavi for we have almost reached the river bank and I don’t want everyone to get tensed because of that silly behavior of yours.

At once Mandavi fell silent. Urmila rushes to the spot with her sisters and apologizes for the delay and the priest assures her that she has arrived in the nick of time. Urmila nods and smiles

Ram is seen getting out of the river

Sathanand: Maharaj according to the tradition and customs of Mithila a dhobhi should complete this ritual.

Ram climbs out a dhobhi comes there and completes the ritual. It is Devrishi Narad. Ram recognizes him at once and smiles to himself.

Ram: Who are you?

Narad/Dhobhi: I’m the one for whom you were waiting. {Looking at Sathanand} The rituals are completed alright.

Sathanand: Very well now you have to bless the groom so that we can proceed to the next ritual.

Narad: {thinks in mind} Bless the groom? How can I ever bless my lord?

Seeing him hesitate Sathanand asks him what happened.

Narad/Dhobhi: Who am I to bless the groom who killed demoness Tadaka and freed Mata Ahalya from her curse?

Sathanand: But this is a part of the ritual and you have to do it.

As Narad keeps on resisting Janak asks him to do it quickly as there are a lot more rituals to be done.

Ram {coming forward}: What happened won’t you bless me?

Narad {mind voice}: Prabhu please don’t do this with your servant you know what is happening very well then why are you doing this? On one hand I can’t let anything go wrong in your wedding and on the other hand I can’t bless the one whom I consider more than my life either. Please get me out of this delicate situation.

Ram: Come on you are not doing anything wrong by blessing me. Blessings are given to someone so that they lead a happy life without any danger or sorrow befalling them. Also when we take blessings some of the experience and positive vibration of the latter passes on to us and we always remember that there is someone above us all the time.

Dhobhi: Prabhu I always want to remain as your servant. I have no experience at all in things that matter to a prince. And I will always pray to god for your well-being and a happy life now please let me go. {He tends to go}

Ram: But you haven’t given me any gift.

Dhobhi: Prabhu all that I can give you is my love and nothing else. And I promise you that it will be there for you always. {He leaves}

Janak: Urmila lets start the next ritual.

Urmila nods and asks ram to sit to do the ritual. The rituals are completed successfully.

Vasisht: Rajarishi for the next ritual your daughter will have to come here in the evening

Janak: Sure Maharishi

In the evening again everyone is gathered in the river bank. Sita comes there with her mother and other ladies. Ram comes there with his brothers.

Vasisht: Begin the ritual

Urmila takes a diya and gives it to Sita. Shantha gives one to Ram.

Vasisht: Ram leave the diya in the river.

Sathanand: Go Sita.

They both go down the steps Ram looks at Sita when she’s not looking at him and so does she. They leave the diyas in the river.

Lakshman: Please tell us about the ritual and why it is done.

The sisters explain the ritual. Maharaj Dhashrath gets impressed seeing their knowledge and thinks that he will be lucky if he gets the daughters of Mithila as his daughters-in –law.

Vishwamithra: Maharishi you realized what Maharaj Dhashrath wad thinking right now?

Vasisht: Yes Maharishi I did. It is a very good thought indeed.

They both exchange glances Vasisht goes to Maharaj Dhashrath and asks him to express his desire to the king of Mithila. Dhashrath agrees and steps forward.

Dhashrath: Maharaj can I ask you something?

Janak sure Maharaj you don’t need to ask permission you can order me aright.

Dhashrath: No Maharaj relations are bound by love not by orders.

Janak: You are right Maharaj but what is that you wanted to ask me?

Dhashrath: Maharaj I’m impressed by the knowledge your daughters possess and I’ll consider myself and my family to be the luckiest if I get all four of them as my daughters-in-law. Bharath for Mandavi, Urmila for Lakshman and Shruthakeerthi for Shathrughan.

Everyone get glad while Mandavi gets shocked. Ram Sita and Bharath notice the change in her reaction.

Janak: Maharaj we are the luckiest not you. We don’t know what good deed we have done so that we are blessed with the privilege of getting our daughters married as the kul vadhus of Ayodhya. And Maharaj you don’t know how much you have helped me our daughters won’t be able to live without each other. They can live without us but not without one another. I was worried thinking what they will do after Sita’s marriage when she leaves to Ayodhya. And now even after marriage they’ll be together with a loving family to take care of them.

He hugs Dhashrath. The pairs exchange glances Bharath feels upset seeing Mandavi worried.

They all leave from there with happy hearts except for two – Bharath and Mandavi

Precap: Bharath meets Mandavi in the garden . Mandavi gives her consent to her wedding to her father [Janak]. Ram goes to see his father and says Pitaji.

Who is the special person mentioned in previous episodes precap? Wanna know? Will be revealed in next episode. Do leave your precious comments

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