In Mithila sunnaina is worried about something. Janak asks the reason for her worry. She asks will Ayodhya accept the marriage proposal. Janak asks her not to worry and says everything will happen as per God’s wish Sita comes there and asks permission to go to the temple. Urmila comes there and says she will also go with Sita. Sunnaina asks them to come back soon Sita says sure and they both leave

Urmila: Didi is there anybody waiting for you in the temple?

Sita: Maybe somebody is waiting for you not me.

Urmila: Didi

[Suddenly Sita sees something and smiles. Urmila turns to see it. She sees Ram learning farming from a old woman. He is trying to plough the land but in vain. The old lady sees and greets them. Sita goes to Ram]

Sita: Why are you taking so much trouble ?

Ram: This is not a trouble. It’s a pleasure . This land is the birthplace of wisdom. The crops cultivated here are not only cultivated for gold . They are cultivated with pure love. I think I’m blessed to get related to this land.

Sita: I’m also blessed to get related to Ayodhya My father told me about the kings of Ragukul and how they even sacrificed their lives to keep their word

[Lakshman comes there he greets Sita and tells Ram that Maharishi Vishwamithr called him immediately they both leave]

Urmila: Didi how different Ram is from Ravan That Ravan he destroyed the fields of Mithila and insulted our father in front of everyone in the swayamwar. But Ram he respects Mithila’s tradition and got our father’s self respect back.

[Sita smiles and asks Urmila to come. They both go to the temple. She does the aarthi and thanks Gauri ma for accepting her prayer and giving Ram as her husband]

In Ayodhya people celebrate Ram’s wedding happily. Bharath and Shatrugan come there.

Shatrugan: Bhaiya what’s going on here what are the people celebrating?

Bharath : I don’t know anything Shatrugan. Come on let’s go to the Raj bhavan.

[They both go to Kikeyi and ask her the reason for the celebration.]

Bharath: Mom mom what is happening here what are the people celebrating?

Kikeyi: Puthr Bharath the people are celebrating Ram’s wedding.

Bharath: Ram bhaiya’s wedding?!

Shatrugan: It means…

Kikeyi: Yes Shatrugan your Ram Bhaiya is getting married.

[They both get glad and hug each other]

Bharath: Ma how did all this happen?

Kikeyi: He won in the swayamwar conducted in Mithila.

Bharath: I’m longing to meet Ram Bhaiya as soon as possible.

Shatrugan: Me too not to meet Ram Bhaiya but Bhabhi.

[Dhashrath goes to vasisht and asks when to start the journey towards Mithila]

Precap: Vasisht gives a subh muhurth to start journey towards Mithila. Kikeyi gets sad coz she can’t attend the marriage. Dhashrath says something and she smiles hearing it.

Credit to: Thanmathi

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