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Who is a brother to a sister?for a girl it is not easy to share everything with their panents.in the family itself there is a friend which is non-other than his/her brother.
A brother who is like a protective shield for his sister all through the life.and he is the person who makes her sister life colorful and he is the second parent for her sister who will not leave her sisters hand in any tough situation.
Let us see some of the bro-sis relationship in mahabharatha

In mahabharatham
Subhadhara the sister of lord Krishna and balrama.both of the brothers loved their subhadhara very much as because she is the one and only cute sister for them.subhadhara who always plays like a child has a great bond with his brother Krishna.when subhadra loves arjun.the first one to realize their love was lord Krishna.he gave his chariot to subhadhra to kidnap arjun and marry him .when all others were stand against subhadhara for marrying arjun even king balram.lord Krishna stood with his sister in her life’s important situation.
Dhirstyathuman-BROTHER OF Draupadi
BOTH dhristyathuman and draupadi were born in the fire.so both of them have similar characters in their life.whether it is love or hate.after the vastraharan incident when pandavas and draupadi sent for an exile.dhristyathuman anger towards hastinpur can’t be say in words. He marched with his army towards draupadi and said I will pay for your insult.and he assured that he wont leave anyone who had insulted her dear sister.after draupadi cooled him by saying that adharmi will get their punishment when the time comes.and dhirstyathuman looked after draupadi”s children.

Let us see an incident
One day lord Krishna and draupadi were playing a game of kite which is used to fly high in the sky.during playing the thread which is so hard make a cut in the hands of lord Krishna and his hands were bleeding .draupadi immediately torn her cloth and she tied the wounds in Krishna’s hand.
Some of the stories also described in the way that,
When lord Krishna killed the shispaula-the sindhu king due to his misdeeds.in that time Krishna used his sudharchana chakra to slay the shispaul head.due to that the sudhrachana chakra which is very hot because of krishnas anger made his hand very red and suddenly the bleeding start from his hand.so by seeing that draupadi immediately torn her cloth and she tied the wounds in Krishna’s hand.

Apart from yama and Yamuna story this epic incident is also said to be the planted for the festival’rakshabandhan’where sister is used to tie the’ rakhi’ thread in his brother hand for his long life in the same way draupadi did.
SO I conclude by saying that love your brother to the core and pray for their long life.
Once again.happy rakshabandhan guys…………..

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  1. Padmaja

    Wow it is nice…. I also have a bro and i love him soooooo much….. It can’t be described in words ❤❤❤…. And dis article gave a nice example for the relationship btw brother and sister…

    1. Yea padma also have a younger brother,and I can share with him everything which I can not share with my parents.so we are very lucky who have brother or sister na?

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