Hiii..im sanskar..sanskar kapoor ,a sick lover..deeply in love with my Angel..i dont knw what is love untill i saw her..after i knw only how to love(smiled recalling his angel)..
It was Dec 31st , at 11:58pm,2013..
I was with my friends on mumbai roads waiting for new year..it was filled with crowd…it was going to be 12,jst then i saw my Angel looking breathtaking in white anarkali..nd her smile which made my heart race…i was awestruck…all r shouting happy new year but i could nt able to hear any word except my Angel melodious smile ..i jst stood frozen at that place..i got my sense when my Angel disappeared..i searched for her but i failed to found her in heavy crowd…all r happily celebrating new year but my concentration on my angel only..i felt it cant be happy year without my angel….it bacame my sad new year as i missed my Angel..

1year passed…in these days i searched her everywhere..every college ,every school ,every house in Mumbai..but no use…my friends suggested me forget about her but it will never ever happen..i decided she is my life..i spent whole year recalling her beautiful face nd her charming smile..thats enough for me..
Dec31st , at 11:55pm,2014..
I was same place where i saw my Angel last year..waiting for her hoping she will come…there she was..she came ,as ususl looking like princess in yellow anarkali ,with her shining smile..again i stood lost there seeing her..again i got sense when she disappeared…oh my gosh again i missed my Angel..such a stupid i was…it became also my sad new year…this year passed like before year without my angel,with her smile….

Dec 31,at 11:55pm ,2015
As usual i was waiting for my Angel..i told to my mind ,dont be stupid this time…i mentally prepared my self to confront her…finally i did it..as soon as i saw her,i ran to her nd came across her..
She wears pink anarkali,she looks at me confusingly with her twinkling eyes…i jst lost in those black eyes…i came to sense ,when her friend tapped my shoulder..
Friend:hello..man..will u move aside
I(looking straight into Angel eyes):i love u
She jst smiled..
I was confused..
She said only one thing which made my heart broke into billion of pieces…
She said..she said…im married…yeah she married ,then only i noticed mangalsutra on her neck nd sindhur on forehead which i failed to notice before…
I stood lifeless there…
Her friend dragged her saying we need to go..she left..
I was like stood..someone’s took my life away from me..i collapsed on ground thud..worst new year ever….
1year passed..i was still love in with my angel..i coudnt able to forgot her..

Dec 31st,11:55pm ,2016
I was got ready to go that place ,to see her…her face nd her smile enough to live my life…so i went to see my angel..i waited for her 2hours..but she didnt came..my mind filled with so many questions ,worries…y she didnt cme??was she fine?? Was everything fine.?..i prayed to god ,make my angel happy where ever she was..

Dec 31st,11:55 pm ,2017
I was waiting for her,she came but ,she looks different ,her face was pale, i didnt found her charming smile this time..i was worried..i ran to her nd stood in front of her..she looked at me confusing..
Frnd:i have seen u somewhere..but im not remembering clearly..
I:thank god u rememberd me..i will feel happy ,if ur frnd would have remember me..
She jst stood without any emotion..
I:im the one who proposed u here ,2 years before..
Frnd:oh..fine..y did u came again..
I:i want to see my love
Ragini looks at him with painful eyes.
I:dont mistake me..i knw u r married..i jst wanna see u.
Frnd:u still loves her
I nodded smiling brightly..
Her friend dragged me aside..i was confused..
Frnd:do u really loves her..i mean it had been 2years..still u rememberd her..
I:not 2years..4years.
I nodded nd told her when i first saw her nd my waiting for her 4years..
Her fnd (looks at me emotionally):i was very happu to meet u..u can give to her life back..
I looked at her blankly..
Frnd:her husband died 16months before..
I was shocked ,it was pained me thinking about my angel pain..i knw howmuch it gives pain when we loose our loved one’s..my angel was in pain..it made me sinking my heart..
Her friend continued..she doesnt hav parents ,she grown up in orphanage nd loved someone in orphanage only..
She was very happy after marriage..but god punished her, taking her husband away…now she living like lifeless body..but after seeing ur love i got a hope…

Immediately i ran to my angel.nd i proposed will u marry me..
She lookd at me like im mad..haan..im mad about her…
I again asked will u marry me..
She said “i love my husband so much “i will never ever give his place to anyone..
I said i dont want his place..im not expecting love from you..u can live with ur husband memories nd i will live being around u..feeling beside u….i will never ask to forget about ur husband..i jst want be with u..thats enough for living my life..
She looked at me amazed…
Her frnd:she was ready to marry you
My angel looked at her friend shock nd annoying…she said to her friend she couldnt allow another man into her life..her friend argued nd made her agree..she agreed , her friend’s sake…as she is her bestie since childhood..she had only 2persons in her life..1 her hus 2her bestie..

We got married ,nextday in temple..i was not happy,how could i ,my life is in pain..
Her friend was so happy about her…

1year passed ,she always used to live her own world , her thoughts might be about her husband..how lucky he was.(pout)..i lived this year being beside her..i tried all ways to make her normal..she felt pity on me sometimes..
Dec31st,11:55pm ,2018..
Unforgettable day in my life..
I sat in one corner ,thinking when will i get my happy new year…my Angel came to me..forwarded her hand nd said friends???..i was 100th cloud…i shaken my hand smiling widely…she smiles..thats enough for me…
She askd ,can we go out…i nodded brightly..we went where we met…we jst sat beside eo..she told about her childhood nd her husband and all what had happend in her life..i was happy finally she shared something about herself…we sat sometime there nd left to home..
Finally my new year bacame happy new year..after long time she smiled nd promoted me as her friend..i jst want to shout loud happy happy new year….yippie im going to celebrate my new year with my angel..yeah..i asked her to go out tomorrow she said yes..yayyy..i was dancing ?????….i completed my dancing session..nd i sat beside my angel who is sleeping now..i wished her happy new year angel..hope i will give all happiness to u…i love u…good night..
I pecked her forehead…nd lay down on bed…wait wait..i didnt told her name na…her name is RAGINI….how sweet na her name, same like her..my angel ragini(he blushed)…this is I sanskar kapoor ka love story..wish u a happy new year..i wish u all get all happiness in ur life…nd dont forget to pray for my angel hapiness..
Signing of sanskar..na..na..my angel ka sanskar..RAGINI SANSKAR???

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