Happy New Year (OS continuation) By Lahari

Thank u so much for ur comments friends..i replied to all but i dont knw y tu didnt post my replies…sorry for that..i didnt thought i would write continuation but after polly asking i thought write..sry it it was bad…i have to fasten up 5years as per story…hope u guys like it…

Previous Part

Hiii..im back..your sanskar is back to share my story with u all..where should i start..hmmm..(thinking)..haan..as usual i start with new year with my angel..MY ANGEL ..
..whenever i spelled her name automatically beautiful smile crept on my lips..(smiles)
Dec 31st,11:59,2023…

I stood near cliff edge..i looked around nd….i..i..i..shouted loud happy new year..very very happy new year…i shouted with joy.i turned ,where my 2 angel’s smiling at me..my angel.nd.my baby angel(2years old),symbol of our love., smiling at me clapping with her small hands..aweee how cute she was..same like her mom…i felt most happiest person in world..y cant i…my angel accepted me as husband nd gave me cute baby angel…yeah she accepted me.. U all want to knw na..what had happend..
Jan1st,9pm 2018(after she accepted me as her friend)

I got ready in 3piece suit..i was vert excited as im going out first time with my angel that too as per her wish..i was waiting for her ,she came in simple saree..looking gorgeous as usual..she smiled little ..looking at her smile i forgot my world for a while..i came to sense when she tapped my shoulder…i smiled brushing my hair..
We went to restaurant nd sat..i ordered her fav items..silence bw us..one of my frnd accidentally came there nd greated me…he askd about ragini..
I said she is my wife..as soon as i noticed my angel face which changed lil dull hearing me..i scolded myself nd told to my friend i was Kidding..she is my friend..as i dont want make her uncomfortable with anything…my frnd gone after 5min talk..she gives a sry look..but wrong is mine..how could i told like that,when she doesnt accepted me as her husband..i said to her sorry ,nd told i wil never told like that to anyone..she gave me one look..which i couldnt understand..might be pity look..but i never wanted her pity on me..
Days passed ,we r still friends..but i never stopped loving her ,while passing days my love also grown up crazily..
2years went on our friendship…
Dec31st ,11:45..2020
As usual i was waiting for her,as we r going to calebrate new year where we met..she only asked me to took her there…
She came with beautiful smile on her face..i was jst stood surprised..bcz..bcz she wore the dress which i gifted her at my 1st wedding anniversary..where she denied to took..but..y she wore it..nd my eyes went on her vermilion which filled with sindhur nd mangalsutra which i tied on my mrg…i stood blank as,next day of our mrg only she removed mangalsutra ,she didnt liked to fill her hairline too…Then y so suddenly…but i was happy seeing sindhur nd mangalsutra with my name…I got out of my thoughts when her voice reached my ear..
Ragini:shall we go
I nodded blank.but thoughts wr ran into my mind….
We reached the place..nd we sat some corner where no one was there…its 12:00…I suddenly felt current passing through out my body..i looked at her hand which holds my hand..she smiled..i felt something new in her smile…i jst looked at her blank..
She wished me..omg u knw what she wished..i was blushing(??)…she wished me happy new year hubby..i stood shock hearing her..i couldnt able to believe my ears..she again told me loudly happy new year my dear hubby…she looked at me nd cupped my face…
Ragini:y r u loving me this much raa..(enduku ra nuv nannu inta love chestunnav(telugu)–when i spell this dialogue in telugu it gives me good feeling..?)
I stood like it was dream..
She continued:i never thought someone loves me this much..i blessed to hav u in my life…u made my every day special..
I found tears in ur eyes when i was in pain..i found smile on ur face ,when i was happy..i remember every act u did to bring smile on my face.. U found ur life in my happinss..ur care nd ur selfless love…ur respect towards me nd my feelings…everything made me fell for you..haan..i fell for ur immense unconditional love…
Tears rolling down on my cheeks..she wiped affectionately nd kissed my forehead..my dreams came true..i could not able to tell howmuch happy i was..i was trying to ask something but words not coming from my mouth…i finally askd with my stammering voice…can i hug u once…She said im yours sanskar ,no need to ask permission..as soon as her words reached my ear..i hugged her tight..so much tight..like i wont leave her forever…she encircled her soft hands around my waist..a long happy tear escaped from my eye..we brk hug after sometime..she looked at me with her intense eyes..i cupped her face nd kissed her lips ,pouring my all love which i had for since 8years…I brk d kiss nd pecked her forehead nd said i love u my angel..she smiled blushing..i merged my forehead with her’s smiling…
I moved towards them nd took baby frm her hands…I pecked my angel lips nd wished her happy new year…she closed baby eyes nd gives a deep kiss on my lips…she brk the kiss blushing..i smiled seeing her red face..she hided her face into my chest hugging..i caressed her hair..then we looked at our baby ,who looking at us with her small small eyes..we smiled at eo nd we kissed baby cheeks nd wished together happy new year..nd happy bairthday angel…yeah..it was her birthday..my angel came into my life she made me every year special..after coming my lil angel ,my every year become more special…thank u god..thank u for making me feel most luckiest person in world..thank u so much..

Thats it guys..finally i was happy with my angel nd my baby angel…bye..bye..my angel is waiting for me on bed?…signing of ur RAGINI SANSKAR???
No tomatos eggs plzz???….

Cover pic credit to:fairy(thank u dear for beautiful edit)

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  1. I loved it di … Thank you for accepting my wish and posting the story so soon ….It was fab di …..Thanks di….I loved the way u explained every emotion ; especially I loved this sanskaar ……he was so cute , caring and loving……I really really loved it di …update your stories also please soon ….Thanks again

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