Happy Moments~ Ramayana (Shot~2) last shot

Hi guys!!!!! Sorry for the long wait… I am here with the second and last shot of my ff. Hope u like it ??

The epi starts with Lakshman, standing in one side of the garden searching for the kids. He saw them and runs behind to feed them. On the other side of the garden Shatughnan is seen following the kids asking them to eat.
On the dining hall-
“Urmila, u shouldn’t have gave the job of feeding the kids to Lakshman. He will never get succeeded in this job.” Said Ram eating a piece of roti.
“Hmm ya I agree with Jijashree. We should have done it. It is hard for them to do.” Added Mandavi placing a bowl of kheer in Sumitra’s plate. “Hmm. I know it Jijashree. But he always used to tell me that ‘My kids are just like me. They are so calm and good.’ I totally agree with him because they are just like him, naughty and uncontrollable.” Added Urmila with a broad eyes. Ram couldn’t do anything but laugh at her statement. “And I wanna show him how good and calm his kids are” continued Urmila. “Ya, only me and god knows how I will suffer to feed the twins. They just run all along the way to eat. It is hard for me to run behind.” Said Sumitra, her experience in feeding lak-shatru. The whole place was filled with the sound of laughing. “And it is Ram who makes them to eat. They will obey his words more than anything.” Added Kaikeyi with a broad smile in her face. ” Now the time has passed. The effect of time is that, The twins who done this Is now in the same situation as I was.” Said a smiling Sumitra.

The family just gave a wide smile on her sayings. The remembrance of the past makes them to shed the tears of happiness. Suddenly two men appered in the hall. One of them’s dhoti is fully drenched in the mud making him to be seen as if he rolled in it. And the another one was no less than him. His hair is totally messed up and shoes are dirty. They two lowered their eyes on see in the family. The total family at first was just like ???? this and after few seconds they began to laugh their stomach out. Even Ram couldn’t control his laughter and laughed ??. The two of them was soo annoyed of the situation. And on this it is Urmila who had uncontrollable laughter. “Swami I think ur calm and good sons gave u this.” Said Urmila to one of them between her uncontrollable laughter. Ya the two of them was none other than Lakshman and Shatrughan. Lakshman couldn’t do anything but smile annoyed for her words ??. “Hey pls do tell us what is cause for ur appearance like this??” Asked a curious Bharat controlling his laughs. “Nothing, on following the kids I unknowingly stepped into a watery mud and it just splitted in my dhoti making me like this.” Said a annoyed Lakshman. “When I am doing the same my hair messed up with a branch of plant in the garden and made my hair messy” explained shatughnan. And again there was giggles all over on hearing these statements. “Where is the kids then??” Asked Kirti. “They must be playing comfortably in the garden Kirti” said Ram smiling,seeing the twins for a reply. They nodded a yes. “Ok guys I think all ur enquiries with my sweet devars are over. Now pls give them time to get ready. And they don’t even had dinner yet.” Came Sita finishing all her kitchen works, as a rescue for the twins. Lak-shat face got brighten up on seeing her. “Ok. Now go and get ready. And hve the dinner soon. Its already late. I will take care of the kids now and make them eat.” Said Sita. She just headed to the garden to feed the kids. As soon as the kids saw her, they just came runnin and hugged her. She smiled. She just started feeding the kids with her lovely stories and they are eating without giving her any trouble hearing them. As soon as they finished eating Sita made them to drink water. Suddenly the weather changed. The rain kissed the ground making the smell of the mud to surround everywhere. As soon as the first drop of rain landed im Siya’s hand she felt the beauty of her mother’s creation. It made her to extend her hand and dance in the rain. The kids was also enjoying the rain. The three sisters was drove crazy by the sound of the rain and the smell of the mud which brought them to the garden. They also joined Sita and began to dance in rain. As the four brothers was worried for not finding thier whereabouts they atlast reached the garden and saw the scenery of the four sisters dancing in the rain surrounded by the eight kids. The flowers in the garden lost their charms and beauty because of the four lovely sisters. Ram just saw Siya and thought “What a beauty!!!” “Hey man she is nature’s girl” came a reply from his heart. This reply just brought a lovely smile playing on his lips.

************** THE END **************
Thank u for reading. Pls cmnt if u liked it.. it means a lot to me.. love u all ??

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  1. Jayani

    I just luved dis ff sooo much padma akka… Nd especially d part were lak – shatru came 2 d dinning room wid full mud on deir dhotis?… Nd I can’t believe dat even ram laughs at lak -shathru (But s, dere WAS a scene in skr lyk dat?)… Always waiting for a new ff of urs?… Nd I do lyk d idea of just 2 shots… It also gives a crisp nd clear detail of d story or d theme of d story…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much dear… I am very happy that u liked it.. I’ll come with my new one asap… love u…

      1. Jayani

        Thank u akka

  2. Pragyashree

    Thank you for this ff. Please continue with some similar ones

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u dearie… I will come with my new ff asap…

  3. Astra

    awesome dear..too good…

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much astra dii..

  4. Vanshika

    Soooooo nyc akka superb I’m still laughing yaar I loved all the scenes all of them..m akkka plzzzz post this one in wattpad this is very nyc You’ll get many votes and comments and readers and followers akka waiting to see it three…. Love you and ur ff ?????????????????

    1. Padmaja

      Woww!!!!!! Thank u sooooo much dear… sure I will pst this one on wattpad…. Thank u sooo much for ur support vanshu.. love u sissy ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Preethi12345

    wow akka amazing
    loved all the parts !!!!!!
    waiting for the next one akka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love u !

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much preethi…….it means a lot to me… love u too ♥♥♥

  6. Amalina

    The epi was amazing!! Nice ? update!!! Loved the Part when Sita solved the problem and calmly fed the kids!❤️❤️???????

    Plz come back soon with a new ff!❤️

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u Soo much dear ??… I will be back asap with my new one..

  7. Vanshika

    Hmm hmm akka now waiting for next one. Post it both wattpad n tu together as is not kept for review in WP so I’ll read there b4 it’s posted here. Waiting eagerly ????

    1. Padmaja

      OK… my new ff will be posted together here and there.. ??

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