Hi guys!!!!! I am here with my ff again. This is my imaginary ff. Hope u like it. Happy reading. (In this one Sita was living with Lav and Kush in ayodhya)

The epi starts with the Ram and his brothers finishing all the country’s affairs heading towards a big room where they always spend their leisure hours.

They sit chatting there. They troll each other. Ram alao joined them.And in another part of the room, eight kids sons of ayodhya brothers was seen playing their own game.

It is time for their dinner. There entered Urmila and Kirti with plate full of food for the children. As Sita was busy in the kitchen work she asked them to feed the food. On seeing them entering the room the kids just ran here and there to get escaped from the food. They both couldn’t do anything and ran behind them.

Lav! Kush! Please stop now. Stop running. Screamed Kirti in tired on following them.

“No choti ma we don’t wanna have food now. Please let us play”. Told Kush in a pleasing way.Lav nooded to Kush.

“But its already late. U kids have classes tomorrow morning. Remember that??” Proceeded Urmila.”

Yes ma we have. But..” said Angad but was interrupted by Kirti,” Then no but at all.U have to wake up early tomorrow.” said Kirti starring at the kids.

“But where is Sita ma?? Why she is not coming to feed us??”asked Pushkal.
As it was always Sita who feed the childrens with more stories they always preferred to eat the food from her hand.

“Sita didi is busy in her work kids. Please understand. We are here no. We will feed u come on” said Urmila.

They all had one spoon of food. They tasted the food and it was done by using spinach. As it is a big time enemy for Subhahu and Angad their naughty mind started doing a plan. The other kids also don’t like spinach but they are bounded between the words of their Sita ma that it is very healthy one . choti mischief makers started their job.
It was started by the younger one Subahu. He just ran from there followed by Pushkal and Lav and Chandraketu. This group was headed by Subhahu.And the other group of four was headed by Kush followed by Angad, Shatrughati and Takshal.

The childrens just ran towards the place where Ram and his brothers were sitting. Seeing the storm of children like running towards them, they widened their eyes and was awestruck by this sight.

Although they tried to stop them they failed. Atlast Lakshman asked Pushkal what is the matter was.” Chote pitaji there choti ma is coming…” before he could finish his sentence he ran away from his grip.
“See bhaiya, Urmila was frightening everyone and now even she started it with kids. See how kids are just trying to escape from her. Really feeling sad for them. ” said naughty Lakshman.
Urmila, who came behind the kids noticed this point of Lakshman. Ram smiled mischievously upon knowing all these.

“Oohhhh!!! Swami you are saying that I am frightening everyone ah???? Asked Urmila.Lakshman who was blindfolded on hearing her voice,stammered “Oo Mila. I didn’t say you dear. I said those dasis. How will I say you ah??.
“Shatughnan grinned and got a light kick from his angry Lakshman who is giving a deadly stare to his brother. It was like “you are dead my bro”.
“Oh!!! Swami as concerned I heard my name Urmila and I know there is no daasi named Urmila. So I know it is me. Let it be. Now you are going to do this work. You are going to feed the kids today. This is the punishment for ur work. Go and do it swami.” Said mischievous Urmila and handed over the food plate to him. And she also got the plate from Kirti and handed over to Lakshman.

Lakshman having two plates in his two hands was just standing like a statue upon hearing her words. He know that it is very difficult to feed the kids and there is not one or two but eight kids. It is just impossible to keep them over control.

“Urmila!! Kirti!!! Where are u two??” Came Mandavi into the room. “We are here didi” said Mila. “Ram jijashree and everyone We can have dinner now.” Said Mandavi. And did the kids had dinner??? Questioned Mandavi. “No didi. Swami will feed them. No worries. Come we will have our dinner.” Said Urmila smiling naughtily.Mandavi asked “but y Lakshman??”Mandavi asked comfused. “Nothing Mandavi he like to feed the kids” said Bharath smiling naughtily taking the sweet revenge for his trolls. Urmila grinned hearing this. Kirti along with Mandavi and Urmila left. Come Bharath. We can have our food. Lakshman is very busy now so we can have now, said Ram smiling. Bharath left with Ram. When Shatrughnan tried to escape from the situation he was stopped by Lakshman.He gave a deadly stare and handed over a food plate to feed the food having left one. Shatrughnan has no other option to do with. So he accompanied him.

Precap- The little mischief makers trouble the twins. After some timeSita sings lullaby for the kids and make them sleep.

Guys!!! How is it??? Pls put ur valuable cmnt. Love u all ♥♥♥♥

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  1. Astra

    Awesome dear..loved it

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much Astra dii… glad that u liked it..

  2. Such an awesome ff padmaja akka . Just loved it . Luv-Kush ,sita living in ayodhya , that’s great . It would be awesome to read more . Update next one soon. Cant wait to read more. Love u ? .

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u sooo much varshu dearie… I am happy that u loved it… I will post Iittoday dearie and that will be the last one… it is only of two shots… love u too ♥♥

    2. Jayani

      Varshu akka unga dp super… Ummah

  3. Amalina

    Awesome ?! Luv kush and siya in ayodhya, excellent!?? I’ve always wished for a ff with siya and luv kush living in ayodhya!

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u dearie…. happy to see ur cmnt…

  4. Jayani

    Padma akka, I just luved d idea of dis ff… I hope u don’t stop writing dis ff… It’s sooo hilarious akka.

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Padmaja

      Thanks a lot dearie….. but next part will be the last part of this ff…. but I will come with my another one… happy that u liked it…

      1. Jayani

        After dis ff plz update ur next ff fast akka

  5. padma akka u rocked this ff amazing loved a lot love the precap tooo plz update the next one soon love u akka

    1. Padmaja

      Thank u soo much preethi dear… I will update the next one soon..

  6. *loved it a lot

  7. NABANITA626

    Sorry for being late…..awesome epi….loved it…..

    1. Padmaja

      Hi dii no sorry…and thanks a lot for cmnting…

  8. its nice ……..very much glad to see your ff after long time……….so keep it……..allways waiting for it……..post very soon…….

    1. Padmaja

      Hi joy da …. soo much happy to see ur cmnt…. thank u soo much and I wil post it soon..

  9. Amalina

    plz continue this ff! post the next shot soon. make it longer than whole of ramayana!???

    1. Padmaja

      Hi amalina i will upadte it soon dear no worries.. and I will try to make It big.. ha ha ha ..big dan ramayan…. will try yr.. ha ha ha

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