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Hi guys it’s me Lakshmi aka Viplav. We often discuss about new twists and turns, characters, episodes, reviews etc… But today I’m going to tell you about the humour part of our favourite show IKRS. Here we can discuss about one’s favourite comedy scenes from the show; onscreen and offscreen. So don’t forget to comment your POV.
Coming to onscreen: Basically the show is based on a serious topic; widow remarriage. So everyone will think that there will be no comedy or humour part in this show. But our IKRS is very different. It contains all elements such as romance, drama, comedy etc.. like other serials. In the beginning part we can see a carefree grandson of Mahapandit and a serious young widow. But when we zoom into their life we can understand that actually this is not their original face. After the arrival of Viplav to the ashram the viewers got a chance to witness some cute fights between him and Dhaani. That changed the characters of the show very much. Really missed those ashram days. My favourite scenes includes bhoot attire of Viplav to scare Dhaani and Suvarna, the competiton between Viplav and Dhaani to change the song in radio, moments spend in Piya’s house etc……. Laughed a lot. Not only the leads but also other actors are seen maintaining comedy in some scenes. Even though our villains Kanak and Dasharath Tripathi has also tried some humour part in the show. This is the speciality of our show and the credit not only goes to the actors but to whole crew especially to the writer.
Now coming to offscreen: The main leads of the show IKRS Dhaani (Eisha) and Viplav (Mishal) share an awesome bonding not only in onscreen but in offscreen too. As we discussed above in the case of onscreen, in offscreen also the other actors share a good relation with one another. The show is very serious but they work on the sets with masti and fun. While in spare time also they are not tired of doing any pink pranks. They enjoy all the shots even it is romance, comedy, emotional etc…… And they also enjoy taking selfies on the sets. These pictures of the actors show us how they are in their real life.

Not only these. If you check the interview sections, on location shoot etc… of the show we can understand about their sense of humour. These are some of the links to those videos. Check it out.
I hope all you had watched these earlier. But it is not at all boring to any IKRS fans to watch these again and again.
These are my view points and opinions about the show. You can also add your POV as comments. Share with us which scene you like the most in IKRS that make you laugh a lot? (onscreen and offscreen)
It is very pathetic that Colors channel is not giving proper importance and promotion to the show even it has a huge fan following.
So that’s all for today. I will come back with a next topic. Till then watch IKRS daily. Read the ffs, analysis on telly updates. And readers please try to write any ff or analysis. Silent readers please start commenting. Continue loving the actors and our show. Love you all and thank you…….. (It’s just an attempt so please forgive me if there are any mistakes……)

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  1. Lakshmi,u said it right.our IKRS is always unique bcz its a blend of all elements-comedy,tragedy,villiany,romance,pranksand everything.
    I got many instances to laugh sincerely here.first of all sarla kaki house are full fun,that bathing waala scene,i waala scene and everything.and viplav’s arabic attire.hahahaha. Coming to ashram scenes,all r my fav.cockroach epi,pestcontrol epi,in which dhani’s says,pestcontrol who is that and don’ try to fool us we know hotel mae sirf ghana hi milthi hai.those were epics of ikrs.hahahaha.

    1. hey saranya chechi thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂
      i also love these scenes

  2. Lakshmi there r no mistakes. All that u said is true. Actually I m not able to remember the funny scenes in our ikrs but I like the scenes at sarla kaki’s house.

    1. hi cutie thanks
      its ok i think that days was really unforgettable to all fans 🙂

  3. Laxmi superbly written! ?
    I too loved that Radio Masti! ??

    Obviously love them on-screen but a lot more then that, I immensely enjoy Mishal & Eisha’s interview. They way Mishal teases Eisha! ??

    Btw really good attempt! Do come up with another one soon! ?

    1. mahira thanks
      i also really love them more in offscreen

  4. superb one Lakshmi…. great job….
    Viplav and Dhaani… Mishal and Eisha….love them a lot……
    I like that smile and blush of Mishal…and in any interview …he is all smiling …and Mishal pulling Eisha’s leg…teasing her …
    keep this going dear……
    That Radio wala Jhagda….. Khambe jaisi khadi hai ladki hai ya chhadi hai………… and much more….love those
    and you know what I don’t care about colors ..but I do care about IKRS ……
    IKRS rocks
    ViDhaani rocks….. MiEisha rocks
    We ishqoholic fans rock….. 🙂

    1. onscreen toh hum roz dekthe hai par offscreen i really love it 🙂
      har baath par Mishal ki subaan pe “Bhopal” for teasing Eisha
      by the way thanks Sujie

  5. sorry guys i also added some pics but it didn’t get posted

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