A happy life with my love

Again back with a new os .hope you all like it

It is specially dedicated to sanswara and vyshistya

Thank you for encouraging me to write

Hope you all will like it.

So enough of my bak bak let’s start story


Story starts with

Pragya is running behind a 5 year old girl

Pragya: neha ……neha stop running and drink this milk i didn’t mix any poison in it plz drink it you are a good boy na

Neha : noooo ma up to papa come i will not drink milk

From back a voice came

Veer: but, if papa will come you will drink na

Then neha came and jumped into veer’s arms as veer knelt down

Neha(complaining tone): papa why you came late this mama is irritating me to drink this tasteless   milk

Veer[faking sadly]: aww my baby i know ur pain from many years i am bearing it na but plz drink milk

Neha: ok papa for you

Neha drank all milk in a one go and wiped her mouth

Pragya while seeing it opened her mouth wide and glared towards both of them

Pragya:wt is this i was running behind you nearly from a half an hour to drink milk but when ur papa came

And angrily sat on couch their while turning her face towards the other side

Then veer and neha saw towards eo and nodded their head and veer took out  smth from his bag

He kneeled infront of pragya who was sitting on couch

Veer: i love you and without you I am a lifeless thing and you are the bright star which made my world light up.thankyou for coming in my life. You are the most beautiful rose, for you have brightened up the garden of my life. Happy rose day, my love. (he gave a bunch of roses to her and said these lines)

Pragya was seeing into veer’s eyes and her eyes became wet seeing his love and forgot all her anger and hugged him tight and she kissed his cheek and said I love you too

a person who saw this emotional scene thought to light up the environment and said”what ma and papa you started infront of neha also”while sighing

the person is non other than their first symbol of love 7 year old VARUN VEER MALHOTRA

both got separated and saw both neha and varun giggling and gave hifi to eo

Pragya saw varun angrily as she noticed smth

Pragya(In angry tone):Varun how your shirt become dirty did you go and play again ?

Varun: sorry mamma actually what happened is is ………..

Finding no reason and varun saw his papa for help

VEER winked the varun and neha and said them you both go upstairs

Pragya:what veer I want to talking to them you are spoilig them by pampering too much and…….

She stopped and her eyes got widen as veer was kissing her passionately she tried to stop him but slowly gave in and after few minutes they broke the kiss and were panting heavily while veer smirked and Pragya was blushing

Pragya(shying):I should go and make dinner and pushing him ran towards the kitchen

While veer stood smilingly and want upstairs

Saw varun and neha on bed playing and went toward them and said thank you guys for remembering me that today is rose day

Both said its okay papa but you should play with us for which he nodded happily

After sometime all had their dinner and slept

Varun and neha sleep In other room at night

At 12 o clock at night pragya hears a sound and wakes up and see veer is not there and she switch on the light and she notice decorations and gets shocked

Veer took her in middle of room and kneeled infront of her

Veer: All I wanted was someone to care for me,
All I wanted was someone who’d b there for me,
All I ever wanted was someone who’d b true,
All I ever wanted was someone like You!
I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I want to grow old with you. Thank you for giving  me the honour of spending the rest of your life with me.I still remember the moment when our eyes met for the first time. I felt butterflies in my stomach and since then my heart longs to be with you always. Be mine forever in all 7 births.


Pragya with tears in her eyes said that I cant thank god enough for giving you as my life partner in my life I love you veer I love you so much and hugged him while keeling down

After some time they broke the hug and veer said I made so many preparations for you see it .

And showed her many pics of their college time,marriage wid their children and etc

And pragya was looking at veer lovingly and suddenly pulled him towards her and kissed him for which he reciprocated happily and they made their night memorable

And next day they woke up and made themselves ready and were making their children ready


Veer was feeding neha and varun and that time pragya came with their lunch boxes

Pragya: veer,make sure that they eat all veggies

Varun and neha giggles on listening to pragya  because veer was removing all veggies and was feeding them

Pragya got to know about it and started shouting veer

Pragya:veer u r a doctor you know it is good for health why you do it still

Veer(with sheepish smile):they asked so sweetly so only for today.Please forgive them ya

Pragya with a sly smile and very sweetly and sugartoned voice said

Ok my baby I am forgiving my children but today you are not allowed to sleep in our room. Is that ok for you

Listening this veer started chocking while eating food and said this is not fair

While neha and varun were laughing like manic along with pragya

And after having a gala time at dining table they dispersed towards their works

 At night after the dinner veer was about to enter into room but pragya stopped him and said didn’t you remember what I said in the morning

Veer  with pleading tone but Jaanu please na forget it

Pragya: ok we will do one thing we will ask champ and doll what they will say we will follow that

Veer(in mind):thank god ,I know they will support me surely

Pragya asked varun and neha about it then

Varun(controlling his smile):papa/I really want to support you but you said na mamma is always right so I support mamma in this matter

Neha:I am with bhaiyya

Veer was shocked listening to this and said I thought they will support me but they supported their mamma

Veer slept on sofa in hall while all dispersed to their rooms

At midnight

Veer was saying something to someone “what is this how shameless woman are you found a man alone and started biting him if my wife knows she will kill you

Pragya was shocked listening to it as she wondered with whom is veer talking as she just come to check him

She went near veer and was shocked to know with whom is veer talking .he was talking with a mosquito and shook her head and asked him to come and sleep in the room which he gladly accepted.         

(So guys from here onwards will make the scenes short )


So the next day is chocolate day

Pragya came back from the hospital and shocked to see chocolate wrappers everywhere and veer,varun and neha eating chocolates

And she was about to shout but veer pulled her and stuffed chocolate in her mouth

And kneeled in front of her and gave her a chocolate bunch and said come on have it only today live this moment and immediately she took a dairy milk silk from it and started eating

Varun and neha smiled while eating their own chocolate

They spent a good family time

Next day evening

Pragya picked up varun and neha from school and came back to home

They saw veer standing wearing a teddy getup and many teddy bears were there beside him

Varun and neha become excited and started playing with teddies

Veer(acting like teddy):children,did you like my friend

Varun happily we loved them papa

Neha papa they are soo cute

Veer removed mask nd asked pragya how is suprise

Pragya:it is nice but I love my cute teddy which I cuddle every time said hugging him while he too hugged her back


Pragya had an emergency in hospital so she came late(you may all be wondering why always pragya come late than veer .Veer goes to hospital daily bur his shift completes very quickly so he come first)

Pragya went varun and neha room and checked them

Afterwards she go to her room and fresh up and was ready to sleep but she noticed veer missing on bed she went upstairs first as she know veer likes stargazing

She entered and saw sitting on swing looking at moon she just went and sat beside him while resting her head on his shoulder veer just smiled looking at her

Pragya: Veer are you  thinking about our past please don’t think about it .

Veer(with glassy eyes): I made many mistakes in past I tried to separate you and sanchi and I broke her also but dr.kabir mended her and now they both are happy but still sometimes I feel guilty.You faced many problems due to me and in future problems may come so l want to promise you one thing that


Pragya while hiding her face in his embrace said Some one said that  God doesn’t  answers all prayers but for me you are the proof that god answered all my prayers


They both went into their room and slept  in eachothers embrace peacefully


Veer woke up and saw her sleeping peacefully with an innocent face .He get a naughty thought and start caressing her waist under her top and started sucking her neck  due to which pragya wake and started moaning his name veee…….rrr aaaahhh leave me its getting late and before she could say something veer started kissing her passionately and she too responds to it

Veer:Well Happy kiss day my jaan today is special day na you know I respect mr.valentine so I do it very sincerely said winking at her

While the day passes with their romantic and cute moments


Praveer kept leave from hospital as varun and neha asked them to take them picnic

They are packing the things which are needed for picnic

Neha to veer and pragya”mamma and papa HAPPY VALENTINE DAY” said very cutely

Varun bet on neha’s  slightly said you should not say to them mom and dad should say to eachother

Veer  kneeled in front of varun and said that who said you only we can say

Pragya joined him and said we can say to person whom you love very much either it is your wife or to ny member of family

Veer stood up and lifted neha in his arms and said com on champ and angel a surprise is waiting for you

Really papa both asked excitedly while he nodded happily

After some time they reached their destination

Varun saw someone and he happily ran and hugged her

She was 6 year old Helly  daughter of riya and her husband rahul

Varun and helly were bestfriends

Someone came towards neha and hugged her he was 6 year old adhvik son of riya and rahul

Both helly and adhvik are twins

They were joined by 8 year old vikram who was son of sanchi and kabir (don’t worry guys he has already a best friend who is called swarda thingly)

Praveer,Kanchi and riya &rahul met each other and talked happily while sitting in a round and teasing each other

Hope that smile never leave their faces


Hope it was nice and do share your thoughts on it through your comments and votes


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