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Hai everyone…. I was a silent reader of all ur ff and now I wish to start my own ff. before I start I wanna to tell something my ff will be based on life of four frnds . actually frnds I dnt knw hindi so cannot write any hindi phrases or song and I wish to introduce all my characters with a normal middle class background in tamilnadu.(pls dnt mistake me).
The episode begins with a cute bubbly girl who is sitting in her class alone with a sad face. And she talks to herself y they are behaving strange for the past two days . oh god pls help me I cant bear this.
Suddenly someone closes her eyes and shouts HAPPY BDAY BULBUL . bulbul takes off the hands and sees ishani with a smiling face. Bulbubl pretends to be angry and starts scolding her. As soon as she starts someone feeds cake to her and says eat before u start your nonstop fm. It was pragya. Bulbul says dnt talk to me y u both are avoiding me iam not going to talk both of u. soon all their classmates enters the class and starts wishing bulbul . and she distributes the cake to everyone which was made by pragya( which is her favourite). Suresh enters the class and wishes bulbul . all are persuing their 10th standard in Coimbatore. Ishani gifts bulbul she unwraps the gift and feels suprised and happy to see one of her favourite pic as a painting(which was made my ishu).in that painting ishu,pragya and bulbul will be feeding cake to each other (tis pic was taken in her last bday). Dhaevadhai vamsam neeyo thaen nila amsam neeyo plays.
Seeing this bulbul smiles and thinks they didn’t talk to me properly to give this suprise . Pragya asks is our princess is still angry on us? Bulbul says dnt u knw idiots that cannot be without u in anger tone. Ishu and pragya shocks. Bulbul continues that after seeing my favourite cake and pic all my anger vanished and smiles . all three hugs (all three thanks god for giving such gud frnds pls keep them happy always…). Watching this suresh smiles.
lets see about them

Pragya: a simple matured ambitious girl who is the only daughter of her parents. Her dad is a bank manager and mom is a homemaker. She is interested in music and to explore and learn new things. Her aim is to become a scientist. And she wants to do anything good to society and her country.she would often worry tht she doesn’t hav any siblings but she considers ishu and bulbul as her own sisters and loves them a lot and wanted to see them always happy.

Bulbul: a cute bubbly girl who loves to travel and she is interested and loves to dance. Her father is a govt. employee and mom is a home maker. And she has a sweet yonger sister subhiksha ( pet to ishu, pragya and suresh ) and she loves to tease and quarrel with her. She goes to any extend to help her luved ones and easily mingles with everyone. And basically she is a talkative .
(oh sorry guys I forgot actually ishu , pragya and bulbul are close frnds and suresh is a gud frnd to them.
Bulbul and ishu are neighbours and
Pragya n suresh are neighbours too(they live in same apartment))
Ishani: very sweet kind hearted girl who is interested in painting . her dad is a business man and mom is a homemaker. She has a elder sister nisha. Ishani looks to be very silent to the persons who don’t knw/close to her but she is talkative and helps others as much as she can. She loves her family very much and wanted her luved ones to be always happy.
Suresh: a gud frnd of pragya ,ishu and bulbul. And helps them in their studies as he is the topper of their class. He luvs to tease bulbul by calling her bubbly and Neighbor of pragya.

Subhiksha: sister of bulbul and favourite to suresh,ishu, pragya and nisha who is persuing 4th standard in the same school.
Nisha; sister of ishu who luvs her family vry much and treats bulbul,suresh and pragya as her own sibblings .she is persuing her post graduation in another city.
Back to the story ….
The teacher enters the class as soon as the bell rings and announces them that there will be a tour as soon as their half-yearly exams completes. And asks them to choose any one from the two packages one is for Bangalore n mysore and the other one is for delhi,agra and jaipur and explains the places that they are going to visit. Bulbul and ishu gets overjoyed as all three didn’t get a chance to travel together and starts discussing about it while pragya remains silent. Bulbul enquires abt it she replies that she is not interested and asks them to enjoy.
Hearing tis bulbul ,ishu says we r not going without u in same tone. Somehow bulbul conviences her by saying tat by tis tour we will gwt to knw many info abt tat places as she likes to knw abt nw things.finally she agrees. As the majority of the students preferred delhi,agra,jaipur they leave to Chennai as soon as their exams gets over.

Precap:pragya mets an accident.

Frnds pls say me whether I shld continue it or not.many char will be introduced later. Both +ve and –ve comments are welcomed. Pls say ur suggestions.

Credit to: rithu

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  1. Its gud rithu . Pls continue ur ff . Waiting 4 ur nxt update

    1. thanks hema

  2. Its nice rithu. Continue. Nice to hear that u r a tamilian. Iam pinky nd also from tamilnadu. Iam in 12th. Pls introduce urself. If u get time read my ff too. Its Ishq love kaadhal……

    1. hai pinky thanks iam a final year ug student . iam already reading ur ff its gud dr

  3. Hai rithu I am a tamilian(Coimbatore) girl… today’s episode was good… please update daily

    1. hai sree thanks. iam a tirupurian

    1. will b introduced later

  4. Nice yaar… Go on with it story…

    1. thanks durga

  5. Hello rithu,pinky & shree i m also a tamilian & i m from saidapet

    1. Hello natasha. Nice to hear from u. Support my ff too. Its ishq love kaadhal.

    2. hai natasha its gud to hear tat u r tamilian

    3. Hey guys I am also Tamil guys but little bit I know Hindi from my dad and rithu pls upload the next episode soon……

  6. super rithu im also tamil girl im Coimbatore its nice nd continue im waiting ….

    1. thanks moni

  7. Full of tamilians for a Hindi soap opera.????
    It’s awesome please continue soon

    1. thanks akshaya

  8. Wow many tamilians…… Interesting!!!!! Guys support my ff ishq love kaadhal. And pls comment.

  9. frnds pls say me whether i shld thier name according to tamil version of kkb n matsh or continue with these names. very happy to read to ur coments.

  10. Continue rithu .. I love yua name

    1. thnks razia ur name sounds gud

  11. Nah….Hindi version name is ok…..Loved ur epi…Pls continue this….:-D

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    1. I’m also from chennai

  13. Very nice starting but want our hero abhi for pragya otherwise it will not complete ..

  14. Hi I’m also tamil

    1. Nice episode

  15. Nice episode………Go ahead…………Hindi version of Names is OK ………..

  16. Tripthi Arora

    hey wow another tamilian ………it is so nice to hav this much of tamilian fans for hindi version of serial……….pls continue yaar

  17. thnks varsha, hani ,devi ,tripthi,reshma. for ur support

  18. Hai,rithu,pinky,am also tamilan love both of your ff

  19. Nice episode

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