happy life (episode 9)


The episode starts with pragya,rachu n akash have their dinner together.while eating rachu had hiccups continuously.it didn’t stop for a long time.
Ak:rachana (she turns to his side).i want to say u something.
Ak: I love u

Pragya n rachana were shocked.pragya also didn’t expect tat he will propose to rachu tis much earlier.they both were looking at him in shock.
Ak: y u both r staring at me. Shock on hiccups gone(with a smile)
Akash n abhi were chatting in watsapp.After sometime pragya gets a call from ishani.she smiles and puts the phone in loudspeaker as they were eating.
P: hai ishu how r u( hey kalyana ponnu eppadi iruka)
I:very very angry I think tat I will b likethis hereafter(romba rumba kovama irukaen innemae ippadi than iruka poran nu nenaikaraen)

P:wat happened my dear y u r taking like tis (ennachu chellam yen ivlo kovama paesara)
I:u r asking me wat happened as if u don’t know anything. U,rachu,bulbul didn’t attend my engagement.even u didn’t call me after the function.y told me tat u will not be available at the time of wedding so I thought u n rachana will be coming here nd meet u after 7 years. But u guys disappointed me. U always find an excuse if I ask. (enna acha? Eduvum theriyadha madhiri kaekara. Nee,rachu,bulbul enoda engagement ku varala ne function mdinjadhu kapuram call kuda pannala.nee kalyathapo inga iruka maata nu sonnila adhala nee rachu ellam function ku varuvinga 7 varusham kalichu unna meet pannalam nu nenachaen but enna yaemathitinga. Kaeta Eppo pathathulum edavadhu karanam solla vaendiyadhu)

P:nothing lik tat dr. my leave was postponed I came to hometown just 3 days ago.rachu also having exams at that time tats y we cant come. Even we feel sorry for this(appadi ellam illa da enaku leave postpone pannitanga 3 naal munnadi than ooruku vandaen rachu kum appo exam irundadhu adhan rendu perum varala nangalum adhukaga varuthapadrom)
Pragya leaves the place as there was network problem.
Ak:who is tat loudspeaker?
Ak:no ur frnd was very angry n shouting like loudspeaker tats y I asked.
R:she is our frnd ishani.we didn’t attend her engagement tats y she is angry on us.
Ak:can I see her photo.( Rachu shows a pic her mobile in which ishu,nisha n akshara will b standing together.) wow she looks so cute. Wat a beauty and keeps on praising her.rachu gets angry and snatches her mobile from him.
Ak:wats her name
R:just now I said na ishani
Ak:actually child marriage is illegal na
Ak:I was asking abt tat little girl she is so cute.

Rachana feels relaxed and says she is akshara ishani’s niece. Akash thinks wow my plan worked she is feeling jealous hope she likes me.
Meanwhile ishu n pragya’s conversation
P: I understand ishu .i will be on leave for nxt two months so no problem in attending ur wedding
I:if u didn’t come a week before I will kill u (oru varathuku munnadiyae varala kondruvaen)
P:wen I asked abt the groom before engagement u said it was a suspense now pls reveal the suspense I cant wait (engagement ku munnadi mappla pathi pathi kaetapo suspense nu sollita ippovadhu suspense ah open pannu ma thanga mudiyala)
I:u didn’t come for function na it’s a punishment wait until marriage r try to find my urself or if my mind changes I will sy(ne than function ku varalayae adhuku punishment kalyanam varaium wait pannu illa neeyae kandupuchiko illa adhukulla na manasu maruna solraen)
Pragya says about akash n rachana ishu feels happy.
I:pragya will come to srirangam nxt week. I was planning to spend time with u,rachu n abhi . I dnt know whether we will get time to meet after my wedding thn u and abhi will b busy with ur wedding.inform tis to rachu n abhi. We will discuss all these (abt rachu n akash)in srirangam.
Call ends.

She came back to her place. And three were ready to sleep. Pragya thinks everything shld b smooth between rachu n akash. Akash thinks abt rachana’s jealous and smiles.rachana thinks about akash’s proposal and thinks y I felt tat it shld be real.y felt jealous when talks abt ishani (enna enna idhu ennai kolvadhu enna venru kaepavarku enna solvadhu plays). They reach Chennai nxt morning. Akash saya all the best for rachana’s interview and asks both of them to take care and call him if they need any help and leaves. Pragya n rachu started to walk to the entrance and suprised to see ishani in the opposite platform fighting with someone.

Precap:frnds reunion after 7 yrs.
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Credit to: rithu

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