happy life (episode 8)


Hai frnds thanks a lot for ur support I didn’t expect tat I will receive tis much of support wen I start tis ff. Thanks a lot.

The episode starts with pragya notes akash num in her mobile. All 3 were chatting. Soon they became gud frnds. Pragya thinks he is genuine and his character seems to b gud. But I can’t talk to rachu until I get Suresh msg and without knowing wat rachu thinks abt him. Rachana thinks akash is like abhi ( rachana also likes akash but she didn’t show tat). Pragya gets Suresh msg ” pragya me n akash were gud frnds I knw him for a long time not to wry abt his character r abt his family I u need any other info call me. ”

Pragya turns to ask something to rachu and sees she was looking at akash. She thinks so tis madam also likes him I have to take next step. She starts to msg akash frm her mobile. He also replies. They both were chatting without rachana’s knowledge.their conversation
ak: wen will u talk abt tis to rachana

P: I can take any decision without knowing wat she is thinking abt u.
AK: ok I’ll wait.but pls dnt take much time.
P: lets see.
AK: whatever happens will u pls accept me as ur frnd.
P: sry not as frnd ( akash reaction changes on seeing tis)
P: I don’t have brothers will u pls accept me as ur sister
AK: oh sure y not.
Pragya gets abhi’s call. She leaves the place to talk with him. Happily she says abhi I got a new brother.abhi remembers an incident abhi asks pragya u r saying tat ishu,bulbul,rachu r u sistrs thn who is ur brother. Pragya saysThe persons who maries them r my brothers .
(in phone) Abhi asks r u talking abt ishu but u told she didn’t say who she is gonna marry and want to make it a surprise for u. Pragya says no abhi I’am talking abt rachu. Abhi shocks rachu who is tat guy?
P: u knw him already its aksh.

A: akash… But we don’t know anything abt him na. Do rachu likes him. We shld not take any decision suddenly we shld also think abt aunty..
P: hey stop it ya. Dnt u think I haven’t think abt it. I also have concern fr my frnd. She explains wat happened.
A: ok .but we don’t know wat rachu thinks
P: I think ur sister also likes him
A: I want to talk wit him. U have to proceed the nxt step only if i get faith. Otherwise u hav to drop tis idea

P:yes boss. I’ll create a grp in watsapp. Bye tc all the best for ur concert
A: bye dr take care.
Pragya came back to her seat. All three started to hav their dinner.

Precap: aksh proposes rachu

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Credit to: rithu

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