happy life (episode 7)


The episode starts with the guy who is sitting opposite to pragya and rachana takes a knife from his bag. Seeing tat rachu panics and thinks tat he is going to ask money from them.the guy also notices this and blinks thinking y this girl is afraid. Rachu calls pragya.pragya who reading a book looks both of them and understands the situation. Pragya says to rachu hey dnt panic he took knife to cut some fruits.then only rachu notices there few apples beside tat guy. She says iam so sry I hav misunderstood.he replies no problem.
He asks pragya how u know tat I took knife for cutting fruits I may be also a thief right. Pragya replies its simple the way how u spoke in phone u spoke in a gentle way. And the knife u took it is very small and moreover if u r a thief then y shld u blink after seeing her frightened.
Wow u r clever. well iam akash. iam a charted accountant. Going to attend my cousin’s wedding . pragya gets a call from abhi. She smiles and attends the call.
P:hai rockstar. How r u?. how is newyork?(abhi is in newyork for a concert)
A:missing u badly….
P:just one week then u will come here na
A:r u in home ?can I make a video call?
P:no im in travel.on the way to Chennai.
A:Chennai…. Y ?
P:I told u I’m going with ur sister for interview hav u forgot it.
A:y u both r going alone?
P:who told that we r going alone there r many passengers with us in train.dnt wry.
Akash interrupts excuse me r u talking with ur boyfriend?.pragya asks how do u knw?.same the way u spoke with him and ur face is glowing like a 1000 watts bulb then it must be lover r fianciee. Pragya and rachu says not bad.(she didn’t take mobile from her ears.abhi hears their conversation)
A:pragya is there anyone sitting next or opposite to u?
P: yes . y u r asking?
A:I wanna talk with him.give ur mobile to him.
P:but y.
A:otherwise put in loudspeaker I will talk.
P: akash he wants to talk with u( in a confusing tone)
AK: ok
A:hai akash. How r u?
AK: I’m great .how r u?
A:I’m gud. Can u do me a favour?
AK: yeah tell me.
A:both the girls who r sitting opposite to u r like my eyes can u pls take care of them.
AK:dnt wry brother I will take care.(unga rendu kannayum kalangama pathukaraen kavala padadinga)
(pragya off the loudspeaker and continues talking)
P: r u happy now. Y u worry tis much abt us.
A:hello its my responsibility to take care of u my sister and wife who r u to question abt tis.
P: (smiles) ok its getting late u go and sleep.
A: ok bye convey my regards to rachu and all the family members
Call ends. After sometime rachu gets a call from her mom as there is network problem she leaves to another place. While akash was looking at the direction where she gone.pragya waves her hand before him . akash I’m have been watching u from u came here. U keep on watching my friend and pretends to read the book wen she notices. Wats ur problem.
AK: actually miss….
P: call me pragya
AK: actually pragya I like ur frnd very much I think I luv here can u pls help me( pragya shocks)
P:hello r u mad. U met rachana only 2 hours ago u dnt knw anything abt her and now u r saying tat u luv her .y shld I believe u? (in anger tone)
AK:oh her name is rachana.nice name( avanga peru rachana va nalla peru). I understand u have no reason to believe me. But I fall in love from the moment I met her.i think my life will be complete with her.
P: wat hw u will fall in love as soon as u meet her.
AK:hello we shld like a person as soon as we meet not after 10 yrs (hello oruthangala patha odanae than pidikanum 10 varusham kalichu illa). Iam watching her from the morning wen the moment I saw her she was helping an oldlady and in railway station she was playing with a little kid.i like her character. I will give all details abt me u decide whether to convey this to ur frnd or not..
Akash says abt his family and where he works and all his personal details. Pragya thinks he is geniue and think abt wat he told. Suddenly she remembers that suresh is working in the same company.she thinks to ask him abt akash. Meanwhile rachu comes there and asks wat u guys are talking abt. Both replied nothing.
AK:sry I forgot to ask abt u both.
P:myself pragya iam working ISRO and she is my frnd rachana she is going to Chennai to attend an interview well iam accompanying her.
(rachu thinks y pragya is telling these details to him.pragya starts to read the book which she bought)
AK:pragya I think u shld try this book its awesome.
Pragya thinks y he is offering tis book to me and opens the book to see “sister If u need to talk with me then tis is my number note it down”.
Pragya sends a message to suresh wat happened and asks abt akash. She also saves akash’s num in her mobile. Rachu thinks something is fishy.

Precap: pragya gets abhi’s call she happily says I got a new brother.

Thanks a lot for ur support frnds.dont forget to post ur comments both positive n negative comments are welcomed and pls say if the episode is boring . iam sry if I couldn’t reply ur comments. Bye…

Credit to: rithu

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