happy life (episode 6)


Hai frnds. Hope u all liked the previous episode. Thank u so much for ur support and for the silent readers who spend time for reading my ff. lets start the episode.
It was a beautiful morning the climate was so chill and it was drizzling. A girl comes to the balcony in her bedroom and enjoys the climate with a coffee cup.she thinks the climate is very beautiful today after a long time I have time to enjoy this. Many incidents were happened in the past four years but few were very special me vry first I got abhi now I have joined ISRO too, bulbul got a nice guy and now she is working in an mnc company. Ishani joined got placed in an IT company after the completion of her ug and it was her engagement last week. It was the most important day of her life but I couldn’t attend the function.
And now rachana is searching for a job after her mba her mom wants her to get married but she wanna go for job. Oh god its getting late aunty(rachana’s mom) requested me to go along with rachu to Chennai as she is attending her final round of selection procedure there. I miss my frnds bulbul n ishani it has been around 7 yrs but we didn’t get a chance to meet.
Pragya gets ready and comes to rachana’s house.

Rachana is already waiting for her.
Rachu mom: sry pragya iam troubling u. she (rachu) hasn’t gone everyone alone. Tats y I was keep on insisting to go along with her. Dnt mistake me.
P: no problem aunty. Dnt wry I will take care of rachu.
Hearing tis rachu’s mom smiles with satisfaction.
R: ok mom its getting late. We are leaving. I will call u later byee.
R.M. : ok dears take care.
In railway station

Rachu n pragya waits as their train was late.
(actually they are seated in a bench and they were chatting)
P: actually aunty’s face was so dull wen we r leaving. Have you noticed it?
R: yeah she is afraid coz she hasn’t sent me other cities r towns alone. if we want to see her happy face then it will happen only at the time of my marriage.
P: then get married.
(rachu stares)

R: as mom’s health is not gud she wants me to get married as soon as possible. But I want to take of her and support her financially. This will not happen if I get married.
P: y r u thinking like tat am sure ur future husband will support u. ( while talking pragya gets a feeling of being followed by someone. She checks is there anyone is watching them. But she couldn’t find anyone)
R: y u wont say. Abhi brother waited until u join isro he also became a singer now both of ur families accepted ur love. There is no problem at all. But in my case god only knows wat will happen.

P: u will have some expectations na? tell me abt tat
R:well his name should start with A or R so tat both of our names will have either starting or ending letters same. And he shld be very caring, humorous like my abhi brother.
P: someone is blushing here…
R: nothing lik tat our train has come lets go.
The train was not crowded . only few persons were there in each compartment. Pragya and rachu gets in and settles in their reserved seats. A young, handsome guy enters their compartment and sits opposite to pragya n rachu.
He was talking to someone in his phone. The train starts to move. After sometime that guy takes a knife from his bag seeing this rachu panics.

Precap:no precap

Any guess? Share ur both positive n negative comments and ur assumption wat will happen next .bye…

Credit to: rithu

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